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[VOD] SkyPerfect BYJ Festival - Program Intro


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[Trans]“Natural Face” of BYJ captured. “Airing OK!”

source: Quilt by suehan

“Natural Face” of BYJ captured. “Airing OK!”
Sports Hankook, 2009/01/10 06:51:05

[Entertainment Backstage]

’Yonsama’ Bae Yong Joon who promised to help produce the drama with Park Jin Young, showed an unusual side of himself and drew attention to it. Park Jin Young and Bae Yong Joon are the same age.

Before the decision of the two to work together was revealed, BYJ went to PJY’s concert.

At that time, “Yeongagye Joonggye” of KBS 2TV went to cover PJY’s concert and they had captured glimpses of him.

BYJ didn’t wear any make-up because he visited unexpectedly, but he willingly allowed them to air when asked, “Is it okay to air?”

It’s hard to see him on TV. It was an unplanned airing sketch, but he said, “Okay” for his friendship between PYJ.

Sports Hankook Entertainment Team

[Photo] BYJ in Guam

[Photo]배용준 괌공항 도착 사진한장
source: byjgallery by 권오경
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[Reposting Photo and Trans]Arriving at Guam Airport
source: Quilt by suehan

Arriving at Guam Airport
(2009-01-09 13:39:08)

We weren’t allowed to take a picture of him.
We couldn’t recognize him because he disguised (?) himself and
came out earlier than we had expected,

I didn’t have the chance to take out the camera.
I took a picture of him and ran.
(suehan: I’m a bit confused here. Maybe he probably took a picture of him
with something, other than his camera)
Like the picture above, he came out without many people around him.

[VOD] Japanese Version of The Devine Water Drops - Press Con

Source BYJ Gallery~ by makishi

[VOD]2009.01.09 Zoom IN 일본 드라마 「신의 물방울」제작 발표회

[VOD]2009.01.09 Omoikkiri good TV일본 드라마 「신의 물방울」제작 발표회

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[VOD] Skyperfec TV BYJ Festival CM

Source BYJ Gallery~ by komomo

[VOD]Skyperfec TV CM Making

[VOD]Skyperfec TV BYJ Festival CM

Source BYJ Gallery~ by komomo

[VOD]Skyperfec TV 호텔리어 소개

[Photo] The luxury car that used by BYJ in Guam

[펌]용준님 괌에서....
source: byjgallery by 권오경
갤로거 준은 내운명

제 목 용준횽이 괌에서....

연휴에 괌에 갔던 친구팬의 친구한테서 지금 금방 들었는데요,

쉐라톤 호텔에서 용준씨를 봤다고 합니다.

남성복 화보촬영 때문에 왔다고 하고 험머리무진을 탔었다고 합니다.

그리고, 호텔에서는 철판구이(데판야키)를 자주 먹었다고 합니다.

배토 수한님꺼 퍼왔쓰~~~

길긴 길구나~~

출처;배용준 갤러리

翻譯: wonchun (baidu)



Chinese to English: xiaoyi

I heard from a friend who went to Guam for holiday,
that he met BYJ in Sheraton.
Heard that he came for the poster photographing of the men's clothing,
and he always have teppanyaki at the hotel.

[Scan] Jan 5th Nikkan Sports New Year Special on BYJ

[일본신문]배용준 신춘 독점 인터뷰 Part2~~ 빠를 때 일본을 방문하고 싶습니다
source: byjfan by kaorin

original in japanese: nikkan sports 2009/01/05
translated into english: cloudnine / bb's blog

Nikkan Sports exclusive interview
Part 2
Q You are also working on WLS Animation, aren’t you?
It is your fist time to play the same role twice and to do a character voice.
How does that make you feel?

BYJ: The drama WLS is a way too precious work
which brought Japanese families closer to me.
Upon hearing that WLS will be produced again as an animation
I became very happy and decided to join.

It’s already been seven years since the drama
and it doesn’t seem to be easy for Choi Ji Woo and me to perform with voices.
However, through the animation film,
if we will once again be able to share the emotions of the drama with more people,
I would be more than happy.

I really look forward to it..

Q You previously said, “I would like to present a bit different excitement
from the drama.”
Is it (voice acting) still different from performing in a drama?

BYJ: I watched the recently released trailer,
and the animation characters modeled after the real persons looked strange to me.
Watching the animation character play with different atmosphere from mine
was also a new experience.
The images made me feel as if I were watching a water color painting.

As the animation is capable of portraying lyricism and sensibility,
it seems that we can feel a different afterglow from the drama.

Q On Valentine’s Day of Feb. 14, PREMIUM DAYS – memories of 14 days,
which is a photo album with a DVD of your Japan visit last year, will be released.
Will you review those days in Japan?

BYJ: I still feel as if I hear applause of every one of you
who are always waiting for me
and whose hearts are always with me while we are far apart.
My minds are filled with a feeling of gratitude which no words can express,
and determination to work harder in order to show myself in a better form.

My Japan visit of last year was the first one in a long time,
so I had a lot to say and a lot to show you.
Though I have some regrets the event itself,
for which a lot of fans got together, was indeed a great thrill.

After the official programs, I spent my private time for the first time in Japan.
Along with the staff who went to Japan with me,
I went for a casual stroll with my camera.
Walking freely on foot, I took a picture of my favorite scene
and I looked up the sky to my heart’s content,
which were very delightful and relaxing.

Next time I go to Japan I would like to visit some other pl*aces.

Q I hear you like Japan very much.
While in Japan it may be difficult for you to get around freely,
but what kind of pl*aces would like to go next and what would you like to do?

BYJ: If I have time I would like to see buildings and towns that tell Japanese history,
and I wish to get to know the people there.

Q Your fans (family) well understand that you will give your job first priority,
still they wish you to come to Japan again in 2009.
Will it be possible?

BYJ: Of course. Whenever there’s a chance I wish to visit Japan.
Each time I came I was warmly welcomed,
so I’m most grateful to you who gave me good memories.

I hope to come to Japan again soon and have a chance to meet you directly.

Q The next work has not been officially announced yet,
but are you getting ready for it?

BYJ First of all the production of Animation WLS.
I think some have seen its trailers.
I’ll do my best in the voice-over to make it better to show you.

A drama based on a Japanese manga (comic book) is also under consideration.
I would like to bring in good news soon.

Q Lastly please give the New Year’s message to your Japanese family.

BYJ I wish every one’s family will always be smiling in 2009.
I myself will try to have room in my heart so that I can always look all round.
Sae hae bok manhi baduseyo! (happy new year in korean)

Take care of yourself.

[Scan / Trans] 2009.01.09 SANKEI SPORTS - BYJ INTERVIEW

original in japanese: sankei sports
translated into english: cloudnine / bb's blog

[Trans] Skyperfect TV interview

BYJ Festival, in which Skyperfect TV airs Korean Wave star Bae Yong Joon’s
dramas and movies back to back over the next three months,
has started from 1st January and is now a hot topic.
Its highlights are the interviews with Yon-sama,
that are to be aired on January 10th and February 7th.

Only Sankei Sports newspaper got the content of the interview.
BYJ is a popular actor always carrying his tender smiles,
frankly confessed that behind smiles he was always playing
while keeping two letters (cloud nine: two Chinese characters 隐退)
of retirement in mind.

The interview was held on 19th November 2008,
at a studio in Korea with the outside temperature of at least minus 5 degrees.
Yon-sama, who protected himself against cold with the turtleneck sweater,
mentioned a surprising fact from the very beginning.

“To tell the truth I had no intention to become an actor.
I wanted to be a director.
I have once thought of going into direction leaving the current job behind.
However, because of the fans who supported me as an actor
I had second thought of working harder and decided to stay an actor.”

He was actually reluctant to have an audition of Love Greeting,
a KBS drama in which he made a debut playing the leading role.

“As I hadn’t prepared anything for it, without confidence I just gave it a try.
All I remember about it is that the parking lot fee was very expensive.
Because, during the audition,
I had parked the car for nearly ten hours." (laughs)

Against his will, he went on his ‘career path of actor’ and rose to stardom.
In 2002 he won huge popularity with Winter Sonata in Japan,
however, the work he mentioned as his most memorable one himself was
Have we really loved?
in which he played an ambitious student.

“The hero I played had suffered from his life itself and was in great pain.
I could sympathize with the situation and be naturally involved in the role.
He died of a brain tumor at the end and because of this he suffered a lot.

One day I actually had a headache
and started to worry if I had something wrong in my brain,
so I had a checkup.”

By focusing on his character,
his performance naturally became very much convincing.
That’s why he had his back against the wall all the time.

“I’m ashamed to say that I always play the role
thinking this would be the last shooting,
this might be my last work or last scene. "

This year he will try voice acting in Animation Winter Sonata,
and will work as the Ambassador of Tourism as well.

“What would you like to do if you have, for example, ten-days-holidays?”
To this question he revealed his honest feeling.

“I would like to go to a country where nobody knows Bae Yong Joon
and experience its culture, meet people
and make friends with them or something like that.”

His real face, that has hardly been revealed, was partially highlighted.

This interview will be aired in Skyperfect TV!
BYJ Exclusive Special~ Change & Future - Part 1
will be aired at 10 pm on 10th January
and Part 2 at 7 pm on 7th February.

Re:[Photo]배용준-2009.01.07 SANKEI SPORTS-큰 사진

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[News Trans]‘BYJ + PJY’s power’ definitely!! Overwhelming Interests from Abroad

source: Quilt by suehan

‘BYJ + PJY’s power’ definitely!! Overwhelming Interests from Abroad
Investment proposals pouring in from the US and Japan on the co-production drama news

2009/01/08 07:11:14
Sports Hankook, Reporter Lee Jae Won

Investment proposals are coming in continually from the US and Japan since ‘Yonsama’, Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young connected.

Signs of positive investment proposals are in the air as the news about their cooperation to produce the drama, ‘Dream High (a tentative name) was reported. An official of ‘Dream High’ said, “Investment proposals are coming in from abroad. It seems like it isn’t necessary for us to worry much about the funds including production costs.”

BYJ and PJY hit it off, and it resulted in joining their 4 bases in Korea, China, US, and Japan. Cooperation from Japan (BYJ), US and China (PJY) including Korea caused synergy effect since they had decided to produce ‘Dream High’ jointly while both of them are major share holders of Keyeast and JYP.

Funds from overseas, which believe in PJY was approved his composition ability in US and BYJ standing at the top in Japan, starts to show their interests as they revealed their intentions to combine their strengths to produce ‘Korean style killer contents’. It’ll be released not only in Korea, but Japan and China, even in the US when ‘Dream High’ is being produced.

Both plan to participate in casting and training of actors/actresses, sound, writing, composition, and arrangement jointly, and they even aim for the profits of additional business such as copyright of MD sound, filming sites, etc. This makes overseas funds to expect more profits than their investments.

An official of ‘Dream High’ said, “They are the same age, born in 1972, meet quite often and empty their various ideas. From the creative ideas, to arrangement to divide profits reasonably, everything is processing rapidly without any problems.

‘Dream High’ is aiming to be aired the first part of next year and is expected to start shooting within this year.

[Captures] KOB Gallery - The Face Shop


Still shot from The Face Shop

[VOD] 2009.01.07 Suka☆Para-배용준 축제

[VOD]배용준-2009.01.07 Suka☆Para-배용준 축제

From by makishi

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BYJ Updates on Jan 07, 2009

From yuri's blog
attour7387(2009/1/7 0:47PM)

Japanese to Chinese:SNOW (
Chinese to English: xiaoyi

Hello everyone.
He (BYJ) completed 3 days of work, and left Guam.
He returned to Korea in an early flight today, and there's abt 16 family waiting at the airport.
He's wearing hat and blue sunglasses, light grey round collar T-shirt, then outside another black T-shirt,
He's also wearing a necklace with a cross, blue jeans with brown and khaki made long coat.
The coat has some milky white coloured fur.
Saw Brian first, behind him, is BYJ.
"yongjoon ssi~', pls let us see your face~ after he heard, he smiled and asked"how do you know?"
He moved closer to everyone while saying. He shook hand and look at each and everyone.
Then, he said new year wishes.
The Korean family said" Pls earn more money during this New Year" he laughed.
He accepted all the gifts one by one from the family.
Although the gifts are very heavy but he took all of them into the car, lower the window and switched on the car light.
Everyone can see him (with a smile) clearly in the car.
He waved to everyone and left.

“yongjoon ssi~,請給我們看看你的臉~”他聽到後笑著問“怎麼知道的?”

[VOD] 2009.01.07 Fuji Do-mo☆Kininaru on BYJ Interview!by flare님

[VOD]배용준-2009.01.07 Fuji Do-mo☆Kininaru!by flare님

From by makishi

BYJ Update on 7.1.2009

From by style

韓簡譯中:Jessica From 愛俊之家

1/7[勇俊先生從關島返回韓國的消息 ]

勇俊先生今天上午搭乘了大韓航空 KE112班機從關島返回到仁川機場了,據說約在上午8:05分時回到韓國的 .

Chinese to English: xiaoyi
Pls do not repost to KOB, thanks.

7 Jan 09 (YJ had returned from Guam to Seoul)

YJ had taken the Korean Airline KE112 this morning from Guam airport, and heard that he had arrived at Incheon airport at 8:05 am.

[VOD] BYJ-2009.01.07 Radical!skyperfecTV Interview

source: makishi's toy box

[trans] BYJ Mgr’s Blog (42) Hobby

source: BYJ Mobile Official Site
BYJ Manager’s Blog

6 January 2009
by: Manager Yang Geun Hwan
Japanese to English: tomato99

Dear family, annyong hasaeyo.
This is Yang Geun Hwan.

Very cold winter continues in recent Korea.
When its cold, people wish to rest in warm room rather than moving around.
As for myself, on recent cold days,
I bear cold winter by having some tea and delicious treats.

Despite the cold weather, Bae Yong Joon is into bicycle these days.
On every off time, he rides his bicycle near Hang-gang.
Won’t you try some light exercise instead of staying home all day complaining its cold outside?

Everyone, please have a healthy winter.

[Scan] Jan 4th Nikkan Sports New Year Special on BYJ

original in japanese: nikkan sports, 2009/01/04
scanned & posted by: makiko / byjgallery
translated into english: cloudnine / bb's blog

Nikkan Sports exclusive interview
Part 1

Q: How do you usually spend the time during the year change period?

BYJ: I think I always work during the year-end and New Year holidays.
Again this time, I’m busy at planning and going out for shooting with the staff
to prepare for the photo and guide book about Korea,
which is to be released in 2009.

To tell the truth, I love spending just an ordinary and quiet time.

Q: Last year you were awarded the Order of Culture. Congratulations!
Don’t you feel pressure? Please share your thoughts.

BYJ: At the award ceremony,
I met other recipients who won the medal together with me.
Each and every one has done his best,
while making every effort in his own field over several decades to become the top,
whereas I am still young and have many shortcomings.

Being presented with such a big award, I am under great pressure,
but I am determined to strive in order to show myself in a better form.

Q: You were also designated as the Ambassador of Tourism
for '2010 – 2012 Visit Korea' campaign.
You will become the so-called Face of Korea.
What was in your mind when you accepted it?

BYJ: I feel even greater pressure,
but fortunately I am now preparing the guide book as I said earlier.
I have wanted more people to know about my country
where I was born and grew up,
and have wanted to publish a book to introduce the beauty of Korea.

I will do my best to fulfill my role
so that more and more people from overseas will come to visit Korea.

Q: In the guide book, we hear that you would like to include
not only well known pl*aces like Seoul or Pusan,
but also other Korean attractions which are still unknown.
What kind of book will it be?

BYJ: We are now casting our ideas into shape. I can’t go into details,
but Korean dramas and movies have been introduced in a lot of Asian countries
and this brought quite a number of people to Korea,
and I have strongly wished that all the visitors would go back home
with a good impression about Korea.

We are making this guide book with a concept
that readers could feel the Korean cultures and traditions.
While I’m gathering information for the book,
I found myself enjoying the field trip, not as work
but just like the one I myself had personally longed for.

For example I had 2D1N stay at a traditional Korean house.
(Han Jip - Han means Korean, and Jip is house in the korean language).
It was very comfortable and heartwarming.
When I enjoyed the day in the countryside
where grandfathers and grandmothers live,
(cloudnine: I believe he was referring to the elderly)
it was so cozy and warm that I felt my soul being purified.
Especially for its indigenous scent I got a sense of nostalgia.

So I hope the guide book can well convey such feelings.

(to be continued... Part 2)


日刊スポーツ1/4号には「ペ・ヨンジュン新春独占インタビュー PART1」が1ページど~んです︿︿*↓


[사진&SCAN]오늘 닛칸스포츠(일간스포츠 Nikkan sports)
source: byjgallery by makiko

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[Reposting photos and Trans] BYJ at Guam Airport.

[Reposting photos and Trans]BYJ at Guam Airport.
source: Quilt by suehan

I met Yonsama at Guam Airport.

He visited Guam for the shooting secretly.
Our tour guide gave us the information quietly because he took charge.

I returned to Seoul on the same plane BYJ had been on.

He was so gorgeous.
He smiled kindly and waved.
I’ll be his fan as well. I want to be his family too.

*source: cyworld

*source: cyworld

[Trans] BYJ-PJY, “agree to co-produce drama”

source: Quilt by suehan

BYJ-PJY, “agree to co-produce drama”
Gonews, Reporter, Baek Minjae /2009-01-06 12:34

Hallyu star, Bae Yong Joon and composer, Park Jin Young produce the drama jointly.

On the 6th, Park Jin Young’s management company, JPY Entertainment, officially announced by saying, “The joint contract was made with Bae Yong Joon’s Keyeast to produce the drama.”

‘Dream High (tentative name)’, which JYP Entertainment and Keyeast produce jointly, is the drama about the stories of the students who are growing with incidents and conflicts that happen at the entertainment and art school. It’s a theme that can show the real aspect of local entertainment industries with fun things to watch like singing, dancing and acting.

Especially, PJY and BYJ, who are the major shareholders of both companies, are interested in this project a lot and are planning to participate in it directly and indirectly, and this draws more attention from the industries.

The staff of JYP said, “PJY will participate in the project such as writing, composing, and arrangement of the sound, and vocal and dance – training for actors/actresses. BYJ will participate in overall drama planning and scenario, production, and so forth.”, and he added, “Both of them are reviewing to appear in the drama positively.”

JYP Entertainment and Keyeast plan to invest jointly and set up the limited liability company within January and they plan to precede all the works which are related to the drama such as casting, audition and production through this company. And both companies will recruit the talented new actors/actresses, singers, and entertainers who will participate in the drama through a big-scale audition.

The staff of JYP Entertainment said, “We were interested in the entertainment visual industry and are so happy to work with a good partner for the opportunities to move into it.”, and “PJY is much interested in this project and willing to take charge of production and directing music and choreography for the drama. We will put all our strengths into the drama as the main project of JYP in 2009.”

The staff of Keyeast said, “Both companies have strengths in the management of actors/actresses (acting) and singers (pop) and experiences moved into the Japanese and American markets. We agreed to combine our know-hows and networks of both companies and make the Korean-style killer contents which can compete worldwide.

The drama ‘Dream High’, JYP Entertainment and Keyeast produce jointly, is planned to be aired in the first half of 2010.

[Scan] 06.01.2009 joseijishin / shukanjosei 20.1.09 Issue

[SCAN] 2008 MBC 연기 대상 수상식-용준님부터 송승헌에..shukanjosei 1.6
source: byjgallery by miemi

[사진] 일본주간지~~배용준 ALL'09 신착&미공개 특선 사진 ①
source: byjfan by kaorin