Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[VOD / Trans] Winter Sonata ~ Choi Ji Woo & Bae Yong Joon interview

source: YouTube by Martells23

source: Brief trans on Quilt by flowerbossa

Interviewer: Here are the 3 of them from WLS. Hel*lo.

BYJ,CJW & Yoon Suk Ho PD: Hel*lo.

I: Park Sol Mi-ssi and Park Yong Ha-ssi mentioned they are watching you right on TV.
Please give them a brief message.

BYJ: Yong Ha-ya, did your dance go well?
PD, you say something too.

PD: Solmi, did you get drunk?

CJW: It’s because you won. You did good.

I: Is this an inside joke?

I: How’s the shooting coming along?

CJW: We’re still working on it.

BYJ: (to CJW) How long have you not slept?

CJW: About 4 days…?

I: How about you YJ-ssi?

BYJ: I slept a lot yesterday, about 4 hours?

I: Only four?!

CJW: That’s on the good side.

BYJ: It’s true. Before that it was about a total of 3 hours in 2 days.

PD: Why are you looking at me like that?

(everyone laughs^^)

I: PD, from your point of view, how’s their acting?

PD: I am very satisfied with their performances.

I: Really?

(BYJ & CJW are both laughing while looking down.)

PD: Why are you two looking down?

Thanks to them, this has turned into a great drama.

I: So you have no complaints?

PD: On their acting, I really….don’t.

(everyone is still laughing^^)

I: You’re being rather vague.

PD: I have nothing to say on their acting. But they resent me for making the work so hard. They seem to find it physically trying. I wish they had the endurance to put up with it.

I: BYJ-ssi, what do you think the PD’s weakness is?

BYJ: PD just mentioned that we had little endurance, but WE don’t doze off in the middle of a shooting!
Just who was it that collapsed after giving the cue?
(explaining to interviewer) You see, PD collapsed right after giving the cue – he would have hurt himself if there hadn’t been something in front of him.

I: Well then, what do you respect about him?

BYJ: As a PD, he has high expectations for his work. As a person, he is always gentle, pure, and always considerate towards others. But when it comes to work, he is completely different. He is so stubborn that I almost find myself resenting him.

I; Like when?

BYJ: When he won’t let me sleep… but wait a minute, yesterday, this wasn’t the case…
We had more to shoot, but PD said “ let’s do the rest tomorrow”.

I: Your hairstyle is the rage right now. Do you think it suits you?

BYJ: Yes.

I: It really does suit you. Maybe I should change mine like that too.


I: PD, what feature of CJW-ssi attracts you the most?

PD: Her eyes.

I: Her eyes? Why.

PD: They look honest and gentle.

I: Yes, I think so too.

PD: And her smile too. Her mouth is very beautiful when she smiles.

I: Does that make your heart beat?
What do you think about you YJ-ssi?

PD: He has a special air with him. It’s true in WLS too -like a hero in a sad manga, he is like a prince in an imaginary world.

I: It seems all of you working on WLS are very close.

All: Yes.

I: Can you give us an episode?

CJW: The time PD collapsed on the set.

BYJ: That was the funniest moment.

CJW: BYJ-ssi was snoring (during a scene).
But it can’t be helped. Everyone is very tired.

I: Was the kissing scene embarrassing for you?

BYJ: Your are asking this to a grown up man.

CJW: It was good.

I: CJW-ssi, if a lover you had parted from 10 years ago appeared in front of you again in reality, what would you do?

CJW: Since the way they parted was just so sad, I think I would still like him 10 years later.

I: So you would choose your first love?

CJW: Yes, if I remained heartbroken for 10 years and couldn’t forget him.

I: How about you YJ-ssi?

BYJ: Yes, if it was like the situation in the drama, I would choose my first love.

I: So you would. SM-ssi and YH-ssi would have a hard time.

I: What do you find attractive about PSM and CJW respectively?

BYJ: With SM, she doesn’t put on airs, and is very honest with herself.
This may sound similar, but with wuri CJW, she has no lies and is a person with a pure heart.

I: How do you feel about PYH and BYJ?

CJW: On PYH, he is honest, and grown up for his age.

BYJ: Did he give you Chinese medicine?

CJW: He is a kind man who is considerate to those around him.
With YJ-ssi, since he is older than us, he is a leader like presence who helps us pull through.
As a partner too …

I: He’s wonderful.

C: Yes.

I: PD, how is this drama going to end?

PD: I talked to the script writer awhile ago, and they still seem to be agonizing over it.

I: How do you personally want to end it?

PD: As in the theme of the drama, “first love is forever”, I would like to see this love fulfilled”

I: Lastly a message to the viewers.

PD :Thank you for your support….

BYJ: Thank you for your support. I would like to appear in a better drama next time…oops, I guess that’s going to be cut! (PD- how dare you say that~!)

Hahaha, I will show you a better “performance” next time.

CJW: Please enjoy this drama to the end. I will work hard to become a better actress.


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