Tuesday, December 01, 2009

[Trans] Copy of Narration for the 'Seal the Deal Campaign'

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Cheoeumsarangkkeutggaji posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Copy of Narration for the 'Seal the Deal Campaign'

No matter where you are living, warning message sent from the Earth is clear.
Due to climatic change that becomes serious every day, we will carry burden on our back that we are not able tto cope with.
As glaciers melt in both Poles and sea level rises with rising temperature on Earth, several million people are in danger.

Scientists give warnings.
If the Earth temperature rises by only 2 degree, there occurs grand extinction of living things on the Earth.
By year 2025, two-thirds of human race will live in areas where water is in short supply, and mandatory displacement of millions of climatic refugees will become a reality.
We might have to inherit diseases, drought, and starvation to the next generation.
The climatic change is the reality. It is progressing in this very moment.

The greenhouse gas that we emit have reached its peak at this time.
Mr. Bahn Kimoon, the Secretary General at UN, determined the climatic change as the top priority task for human race in 21st Century.
And, in December 2009, in Copenhagen, Denmark, there holds a general assembly of the concerned countries for the Climatic Change Agreement which will decide on the Earth's future.
There, leaders of various nations will discuss a new, long-term and effective climatic changes.

The 'Seal the Deal' Campaign, which is to close the Climatic Change Agreement in Copenhagen, is waiting for signatures from every one in Global Villiage who desires the conclusion of the Agreement.
From Africa,,,Europe,,,and to Asia, the 'Seal the deal' Campaign is collecting the wills of all Global Villiage people.
Not only the experts but also the people in the entire world are aware of the necessity of the Climatic Change Agreement for the only one Earth.

The new Agreement will lead the green growth and sustainable low carbon economy.
The 'Seal the Deal' Campaign, to be accomplished by our signatures, are moving the policy makers, urging NGO Media, businesses, and general public in entire world to participate in the signature, and informing the importance of the climatic changes and the meeting in Copenhagen.

The success of the Copenhagen meeting depends on the following 4 agenda...
First, the developed countries will positively agree on the reduction goal of the greenhouse gases,
secondly, the developing countires will practice the plans to reduce the greenhouse gases,
thirdly, a fund is raised for the poor countries, victims of the climatic changes, to confront the climatic changes,
and the lastly, there is a guarantee that this fund can be used fairly and effectively.

Then, what are the things that we can do.
Please connect to homepage of the 'Seal the Deal' now and participate in the campaign...
And then, place you signature..Our signatures will determine the history of mankind..
We can make changes...
Are we going to tell our children that we did nothing at the moment when we had hope?..

'Seal the Deal'.. Your signatures will save the Earth..

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