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[VOD / Captures] SkyPerfect BYJ Interview & Tokyo Dome Event BTS

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BYJmail 6th of Nov - by BYJ's Japanese manager

Original: BYJMail (2009/11/6) an excerpt from BYJ’s Japanese Agent’s Diary
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[SimSim’s Diary 6th Nov (Friday)]

An nyoung haseyo. The cold winter season has come.
Families please take good care of your health and avoid catching the cold/flu.
A month has passed since the events held in September.
Many moving memories/moments are still engraved deeply in my heart.
Do you all feel the same way?

Today allow me to mention a few things during YJ’s visit .
After the event held on the 29th Sep ended
Upon returning to the hotel, BYJ began to check the manuscripts for the 30th.
After verifying the details in general,
He then started selecting the postcard used on the 30th to convey his message to everyone.
He was checking the contents of the message on one hand, and was carefully comprehending its meaning on the other.
He also drew special attention to the pen strokes and each line feed.
Diligently preparing for the event
Due to his diligence, the 30th event was carried out perfectly.

An expression showing a sense of achievement was revealed on his face when he came off stage.
He always give his very best effort to take on any matter.
My respect and admiration for him grows deeper as I watch him.
At the same time, I think he is pretty cool.^.^

On the 2nd Oct, BYJ had no choice but to return to Korea due to his deteriorating health.
At the end of Oct, I met him again at the interview recording section for the work that could not be carried out in Japan.
He has completely recovered, and was working at full steam.
For the Daily Sports on the 5th Nov and Skyperfectv on the 7th of Nov
The broadcasting of “ Beautiful ones” 美しい物たちへ program
One can see the latest new BYJ.
I trust this would allow the families to ease up worrying a little.
Currently as the season changes, please take extra care with your body and health.
Have a good one for the rest of 2009.

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