Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[VOD / Notice] BYJ's Seal The Deal Message

source: KOB / laki's blog

The audio link for YJ's voice

Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
[BOF Public Notice] Guide to the UN Climatic Agreement 'Seal the Deal' Campaign

How are you. This is BOF.

Because there is a news that is waiting for warm interests from many people in cold winter, we deliver it in this Public Notice.

The news is exactly that Mr. BYJ participated in UN Climatic Agreement 'Seal the Deal' Campaign by narrating its public service video.

The 'Seal the Deal' Campaign is the one to urge people all over the world to have interests in climatic changes prior to the Climatic Agreement General Assembly to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in coming December.

We would like you to feel in the video Mr. BYJ's heart-felt voice, informing the seriousness of the climatic changes and appealing the importance of green growth.

You can check the video, made public in Naver Happy Bin on the 25th, also in the link below.
We beg many people warm interests as it is a profoundly significant campain with which Mr. BYJ also deeply symphasized.

[Go directly to the Seal the Deal Campaign]

We wish you to have happy year end with precious people during a little remaining year 2009.
Thank You.

Respectfully Yours, BOF

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