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[trans] SkyPerfectv preview – BYJ interview

SkyPerfectv preview – BYJ interview

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Q1: The two events held in Tokyo with an assumed air of grandness. What were you thinking when facing the Japanese families (fans) who came especially from all over Japan?

Answer: In fact my health wasn’t great. I was a bit worried when leaving Seoul. However when I thought about the families, I drew an unthinkable strength from them. Seeing my families, I felt vigorous regardless of how long the event went on. Luckily it ended successfully. When I think back, I feel that “I absolutely should not allow the families to worry this much ever again” and my commitment to “health first” has become stronger.

Q2: Your latest work, the animated started broadcasting in SKYPE. How do you feel about it currently?

Answer: I was delighted. I feel very happy about being able to go back to the moment via animation dubbing. Given that the season is changing towards winter, one’s mood is designed to become warmer and it is harder to part from it.

Q3. The animated has touched on and extended some storylines that were not in the original TV drama. How were the storylines extended? What sort of ending would it be this time?

Answer: The scenes not in the TV drama are currently filming in New York and France (smile). The new plots follow the two of them mutually exclusively to New York and France for those 3 blank years after they part at the airport. The ending has not yet been decided. Perhaps it should be more advanced than the TV drama. Personally I would like to see a happy ending.

Q4: “Han Ah Yeo” (Journey in search of the beauty of Korea) has already been published. The word “Yeo” (Journey) was added to the book title, what sort of meaning does it hold?

Answer: This book is divided into “living”, “outings”, “leaving behind”, “contemplation”, “returning”, “out again”. I believe life is like a continuous Yeo. Therefore in this book, as I encounter Korean culture, at the same time, I also encountered myself. Therefore the word “Yeo” is used.

Q5: The style of this book is like “creating the cultures after encountering them unexpectedly”… but

Answer: I believe life is actually about continuous encounters. Previously I mentioned the topic “Yeo”. In the journey of life, we strike the same chord with new encounters and gaining new knowledge. Therefore I trust the end result would be an exchange of cultures. Shouldn’t we share our knowledge and learn the unknowns from others in order to share these feelings?

Q6: As an actor, also as a person, What is still on Mr BYJ’s mind?

Answer: Whether as an actor or as a person, I believe one should “live properly”. For example, I feel that in order to live properly and how to live properly, listening to opinions around me is very important. At the same time, in order to listen to opinions properly, creating an environment which will allow one to exchange one’s opinions is also very important.


「うれしいです。今回 アニメの収録が始まって再び「冬のソナタ」の時の気持ちに戻れてうれしく思いました。それにちょうど季節も冬に向かっているので温かく切ない感情がより心にしみるのではと思います。」


ストーリーとして追加されています。エンディングはまだ きまっていません。

「この本は“暮らす”“出かける”“忘却” “思索” “帰る”“また出かける”というパートに分かれています。私は人間の人生そのものが旅の連続のように思っています。ですからこの本は韓国文化に出会える本ですが旅によって変化した私自身にも出会えます。そういう意味で“旅”を使いました。」



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