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[Trans] Newsen dated 11/2/09

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BYJ 'Han-Ah-Yeo', swarming critiques'rediscovery of our culture, preciousness of which we have not appreciated as they were so common

[Newsen]11/2/09 08:46
There are heated reactions from the readers of Hallyu star BYJ's travel essay 'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty-BYJ' (Han-Ah-Yeo' ).

Amid pouring in favorable critiques from readers who have read the book in review columns and blogs in bookstores at this time, after one month since the Han-Ah-Yeo' was published in the end of September, it gets attention because the contents of the book reviews are not simple praises but mainly detailed analyses of the book and praising reviews on the writer BYJ.

In particular, the readers express appreciation to writer BYJ, becuase they learned from the book Korea's culture and traditions in which they have not been interested yet. The reviews are that the effort of BYJ to learn and experience Korea's traditions for a long time is delivered through the book.

'He seems to have used his talent in really precious things. I would like to thank him who made me appreciate (him) as he let me learn naturally of our culture, which I did not know its preciousness yet as it was so common or I did not even attempt to learn in detail because they were old-fashioned.'

'I have read the book three times. As most of books do, the more I read, it comes clear to me what the writer wants to say, and why he wrote this book. Although the motive of writing the book was shameful feeling as he could not answer definitely to a question from a reporter. BYJ has been enjoying our diverse culture already.'-From book reviews in Kyobo Book Stores.

'All of the traditional Korean Houses that is told from the writer's experience feels like to systemically summarizing the feeling I had felt when I was small (May be that's why I long for traditional Korean Houses-I even think like this). Although the writer is writing that 'This book is not absolutely the book that represents Korea's culture, and I feel afraid that (culture) may rather be told incorrectly', while one reads several items that consist in themes, it is enough to feel what a long hours and much efforts the writer put in to tell beautiful traditions of Korea and not to make any mistake.'

'If people read the book, they will get to know that writer BYJ is a pretty much knowledgeable person. Itis apparent that he had read a lot of [books on our culture] to write this book. There contain many practical contents including origins of words and facts that we have not known. People will realize that he has tremendous pride of our culture.--From book reviews in Yes 24.

'This book, makes my heart fluttering more than I thought. This is not simply saying that'when I visited so and so places, something was very good', but I was able to realize there was something like this in our appearances, and I felt passion wanting to learn after seeing appearances of masters in this book. I would like to know and learn the most Korean thing first, and then broaden my views.'

'This is book good for any Korean to read at least once. I even feel respect to BYJ, who published book so earnestly to actually lose weight to inform Korean culture. I would like to give him hands having done his own (yon-sama's) ability like this. which politicians should have done. It was really a perfect book.'-From book reviews in Interpark.

On the other hand, the publishers said, "Regarding the Han-Ah-Yeo' , there swarms mails and telephone calls day after day, saying 'thank you for publishing a good book.'" The staff said, "'This is a good book all members of family can read together', there are also readers calling from airport saying 'I am glad that it will become a good present for foreign friends', and mails and telephone calls are in almost every day saying 'I am glad to find a good book before leaving for travel in Autumn,'"

Reported by Park Seyeon,

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