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[Trans] BYJ's 'refinement, etiquette, consideration', as seen by Lee Sanghoon, an 'acting instructor'

source: Quilt by Joanne

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BYJ's 'refinement (love for elegance), etiquette, consideration', as seen by Lee Sanghoon, an 'acting instructor'

[E-daily SPN]11/14/09 09:34
Lee Sanghoon is well known as an 'acting instructor'.

He said that he taught acting to Park Yejin, Han Hyejin, Joan, Kang Jihwahn, etc. through private instruction and in academy, etc,

The fact that gets attention is he instructed period drama acting to hallyu star BYJ who appeared in a film 'Scandal-the love stroy of man and woman in Chosun'. At that time, BYJ treated Mr. Lee Sanghoon with appreciation. appreciation.

"Because I liked Makgeolli (Traditional Korean liquer made of grain, usually rice), I told him to drink that. Although BYJ told that he could not drink as he was undergoing dental work, he brought brown rice (soft) drink and drank with me matching the colors (of drink) with Makgeolli,"

It is a part that one can infer BYJ's refinement (love for elegance) and courtesy to other party.

Lee Sang Hoon also thanked (BYJ's) consideration saying, "At that time, I was suffering from a cold, and after the meeing was over, Mr. BYJ gave me medicine for cold and a package of mandarin orange, " and said that "Mr. BYJ, saying that he wanted to direct later on, also offered me to work together then."

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