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[Trans] BYJ's fans. held a party celebrating 15th anniversary of debut [Sports Hankook]

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Gaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

BYJ's fans. held a party celebrating 15th anniversary of debut M/h3>[Sports Hankook]11/1/09 22:16

In time for 15th anniversary of 'Hallyu star' BYJ, his fans held a party to celebrate it.

BYJ's fans neatly congratulated the 15th anniversary in PM on october 31, at BYJ-run Gorilla-in-the-Kitchen at Shinsa Dong, Kang Nam Ku Seoul. BYJ had debuted in drama 'Salut d'Amour' in 1994. On that day, fans volutarily prepared the occasion, instead of huge party. In consideration of fact that BYJ is yet recovering from sepsis that he contracted after writing photo essay'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty', fans held a simple meeting to congratulate on his acting activities that has been steady for 15 years.

Besides the 15th anniversary meeting, BYJ's fans hold a regular meeting once a month. Through this exchange, fans make the opportunity of from (talking) BYJ's current news to sharing strong sense of ties between star and fans. They also do diverse donation activities in the name of BYJ including Southeast Asian earthquake-sunami, and flood disaster, etc.

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