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[Trans] BYJ, "to make a book that tells the truth", interviewed Nikkan Sports [Sports Chosun]

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BYJ, "to make a book that tells the truth", interviewed Nikkan Sports

[Sports Chosun]11/5/09 14:51

capture of Nikkan Sports article on 11/5/09

BYJ (37) hled an exclusive interview with Nikkan Sports, an influential Japanese media, and disclosed difficulties and worths as a writer. BYJ, having published the 'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty' in past September, was introduced with the interview on no less than 2 pages in Nikkan Sports on the 5th.

In this interview, he revealed in detail about his feeling about his own book becoming the best seller in both countries of Korea and Japan, and the process of writing during the past one year.

BYJ spoke his mind frankly saying, "Although it was a difficult project having to stay up all night continuously nearing the finishing date, it was very worthwhile work."Continuing on, regarding 'feeling when he first saw the finished copy', he said, "At first, I had hard time to an extent to think if I may not be able to finish this book. However, once I saw the finished published copy, I was very much moved, and felt that I accomplished my duty only by then."

Also, to a question, "Even though you were able to wirte the book without personally experiencing the culture, why did yo insist to suffer to that extent', he explained, "This book is the book that tells the truth. I thought that if I do not talk my real appearance when talking about myself, the meaning would disappear. Because I am not a professional writer, I thought that it was the best to express my thoughts as intactly as they were."

On the other hand, BYJ visited Japan on the 30th in the past month to attend promotional event of animation 'WLS' and event to commemorate the publication in Tokyo, Japan, and he told a news that he was recovering from the sepsis he contracted recently.

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