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[Trans] BYJ, recovered completely from the 'sepsis' [Hankook Daily]

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Gaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
BYJ, recovered completely from the 'sepsis'

[Hankook Daily]11/5/09 06:51
Actor BYJ has completely shaken off the sepsis.

Recently, BYJ carries on his planned schedule normally as he recovered from the sepsis completely. He no longer gets outpatient treatment. He is managing his health as he adjusts schedule so that he does not overstrain his body. A staff at his agency BOF said, "His physical condition had improved to an extent that it is difficult to find any ill appearance now. He also excercises for speedy recovery."

BYJ was treated in a hospital for five days after getting diagnosed early stage of the sepsis in the middle of past September. After writing the 'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty' and before promotion in Japan, there was overlapping accumulation of fatigue and feeling of psychological burden. As a result of forcing himself into schedule in Japan, his blood sugar and blood pressure dropped so that he came home in a hurry on the second of the last month and has been receiving treatment.

In the end of this year, BYJ plans to close one year without any special schedule. He does not have any scheduled overseas promotion. Another staff at his agency BOF said, "He had a difficult year while writing the 'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty'. He plans to spend a quiet year-end while taking care of body and mind."

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