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[Photos] BYJ met First Lady, Kim Yun Ok at Cheong Wa Dae today, Nov 10, 2009 - Part 2

source: chosun online

[Trans] BYJ's interesting remarks at Cheongwadae
source: Quilt by Joanne

The Dailian reported BYJ's visit to Cheongwadae, Korean President's Office and Home on 11/10/09. The first news was translated to English and is on News section (#1989). On the same day, the same reporter at the Dailian reported conversation between BYJ and First Lady in detail, titled

Madam Kim's life in Cheongwadae as confided to Yonsama, BYJ.

Gaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home. It is a long article. Here are just some of interesting remarks by BYJ.

Madam Kim and Mr. Bae talked about traditional Korean homes and Makgeolli(Traditional Korean liquer made of grains) as main themes.

When Mr. Bae said, "While I took photos, I made round on traditional Korean homes, and I really want to live in traditional Korean home,"........Omit......

When Madam Kim told about reducing food waste in her family by placing enough amoung of side dishes on one large plate instead of serving them in individual dishes, Mr. Bae answered that " Although I still live alone, there are too much food waste. I can also save (haviing less waste) if I do that way."

During the friendly chat with frank Lady Kim, Mr. Bae hinted his inner thought saying that his future dream was to do organic farming.

Nearing the end of friendly chat, when a Korean cuisine restaurant located in Seongbook Dong (One mentioned in BYJ's book) became a topic of talks, and Lady Kim wished to visit there once, Mr. Bae responded warmly saying, "I will personally bring my car and take dear Madam there and return in secret."

When Madam Kim said, "For us, December 19 is wedding anniversary, date won the Presidential election, as well as (President's) birthday," and "We did that way not to forget but to celebrate both the birthday and wedding anniversary because (President) has been so busy,", Mr. Bae answered, "When I get married, I will fit everything to my wife's birthday, contrary to (you)." Then, Madam Kim joked, "If you do that, you will get more love from your wife."

On that day, the friendly chat between Madam Kim and Mr, Bae lasted about 1 hour and 10 minutes, extending over scheduled time.

Reported by Dong Seonghye
Copypright (c) Dailian

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