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[Trans] 'Missionary for Environment' BYJ, to deliver message at the UN Climate Meeting

Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
'Missionary for Environment' BYJ, to deliver message at the UN Climate Meeting

source: Quilt by Joanne

BYJ will appeal the seriousness of climatic change to human race all over the world at UN using with his voice.

BYJ participated in a narration work in a public service video for 'Seal the Deal' Campaign, led by Bahn Kimoon, UN Secretary General. The 'Seal the Deal' is a global petition movement the UNEP (UN Environmental Plan) promotes. They are getting signatures from general citizens in the whole worldt to urge necessity of Climatic Agreement through its Seal the Deal homepage (

The Seal the Deal public service video, where BYJ participated in, will be introduced while entire world is watching at the 15th general convention of the concerned countries for UN Climatic Change Agreement, held in Copenhagen, Denmark from coming December 7 to 18. After that, it will be followed by movements in each country to urge Climatic Change Agreement, and it is planned to be used in a movement for Environmental Protection of the Earth in association with portal sites in Korea.

BYJ, having been interested in the environmental protection in ordinary times. delightfully accepted the proposal to participate in public service video from UN. He finished the narration work on 11 in recovering status after he suffered from the sepsis. In a 4 minutes 35 second long video, he appealed with powerful voice the necessity of Climatic Agreement. The format is to narrate in Korean with subtitling in English.

UN Climatic Change Agreement in this time is in preparation for the Climatic Agreement which will go into effect from 2012. The main point is making decision on reponsibilities and standards for developed coutries and developing countries to undertake, respectively, to reduce amount of green-house gas emission. Naturally, it will become a focus by press in entire world, and BYJ's voice will be introduced to the world.

On the other hand, BYJ also shot a CF to promote 'Visit Korea Years' recently. As the Promotional Ambassador for 2010~2012 'Visit Korea Years', he participated in the filming to inform sentiment of Korea going around places in Cholla Province. This promotional video is planned to be introduced to overseas tourists including Japan, etc, in short while.

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