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[VOD] MBC "Come To Play" - mentioned YJ

[news]Koh says he went clubbing with Bae Yong-joon

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2009.10.21 02:16

Koh Young-wook, member of formerly hit group Roo'ra, said he has been to a club with top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon.

Koh made the remark on MBC's entertainment show "Let's Play" broadcast on Monday, saying that he went to a hip-hop club with Bae who was friends with Park Jin-young, founder and CEO of talenthouse JYP Entertainment.

"Park and I were also close so he used to come often to my club, but he once came with Bae and we all went to a hip-hop club," Koh explained, imitating Bae's dance moves.

Rapper Lee Ha-neul of group DJ DOC, who also appeared on the show, shared his experience with the actor, saying that he once played Starcraft with Bae. "I fired a nuclear bomb to his team," Lee taunted.

Member Gil of hip-hop group Leessang, however, said everyone is below him since he appeared in the movie "April Snow" which Bae starred in.

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[Vod]1019 배용준 놀러와
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Hi, everyone;

Korean entertainers appeared on the MBC program, “Come and Play’ on the 19 th of October and shared their experiences with BYJ. Boonseongbae nim posted the clip on the café byjintoronto website and I reposted it below with a brief description. Please enjoy.

Ko, third from the left wearing glasses and a black t-shirt, said that he and Park Jin Young are close friends and that PJY visits his store often. One day, Park showed up with BYJ and they all went to the hip-hop club where PJY frequently attends. He saw BYJ dancing there and then mimicked how BYJ danced. He said that BYJ’s hair was long at that time making him move his hair to the back of his ears while he was dancing.

Lee, second from the right in the sailor clothing, said that he played an online game with BYJ in the PC room. He said that BYJ’s management company and his management company both went to the PC room to play Starcraft. Lee was able to attack BYJ’s virtual house.

(Shin, fourth from the left and right next to Ko, shared his experience with Park Yong Ha)

The first person from the right said that he appeared in BYJ’s movie, “April Snow”.

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