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[Update] Kim Tei (Event's MC) met BYJ during his photography session

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Kim Tei Official Blog "Meet Again" 26th Oct 2009

[cam: Ms Kim Tei was the female MC at the Tokyo Dome on the 29th and 30th Sep 2009]
[Snow : MC Kim is based in Korea. MC Mr Miyamoto came to Korea to conduct the interviews as they were delayed due to YJ’s health and his early return to Korea.]

Today I went to see the filming of Mr BYJ’s interview.
Come to think of it, it’s my first time seeing him outside the events.
I had met him previously at the opening ceremony of Gosireh.
However it was because I was the MC.
Apart from work, I think this is my first time actually meeting him.
(ah, Mr BYJ is working ^^).

I brought Seokbin (Kim Tei’s son) with me

[Is tae wang yummy to chew Seokbin ssi?]

After seeing Seokbin
Mr BYJ said “ he’s adorable”, “he’s adorable” several times.
No, he said it several dozen times ^^.
At the end even BYJ held him.
(as soon as the female staff outstretched their arms, Seokbin went for them immediately) .
It was a very happy day for Seokbin.

I was concerned about disturbing Mr BYJ at work.
I also didn’t take a photo with him.
Mr MiyaMoto came to the filming of the interviews as well.
Remembering past events at Tokyo Dome once again.
The fan meeting was only like yesterday.
Almost a month has past …..


She went to BYJ's photography session for observation/study purposes on Oct 26....
She wrote in her blog abt the encounter.

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According to Ms. Kim Tei's blog (the pretty MC of BYJ's events in Japan)
our BYJ is filming today an interview to be aired on DATV- Sky perfect with host
Mr. Miyamoto (he was the MC during the Book Launching event-Sept 30 Event).

Kim Tei씨의 오피셜 블로그에서 ”재회 ”
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