Saturday, October 03, 2009

[Update] BYJ's latest condition

From mariko:
Here's the latest update on BYJ's condition.

From today's No Cut News (Korean) and byj thread.

In a telephone interview with BOF spokesman by No Cut News, "said that when BYJ condition, which was not really fit to participate in big events in Japan, further deteriorates that he had high fever and complained about much pain, all his schedules were canceled and returned to Korea.

Soon after BYJ's return, he went to the hospital for examination. The people who examined BYJ said that because of over fatigue he needs to take enough rest to regain his health.

Right now, he is resting with his family.

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lily said...

Dear Xiaoyi!

Ooohh.... so heartbreaking to hear Yong Joon's condition! I really hope he'll recover soon & take all d rest he needs!

Let's all pray for him....

And YJssi....PLEASE...get well soon!!!

Thanks xiaoyi...for all d updates of our dearest YJ...^^

Take care too...

Love: lily