Thursday, October 22, 2009

BYJ Update on 20.10.09

source: byjgallery by style
translated to English by mariko (soompi)

싸이월드 글 발췌 :

10.19 10:38

어제 저녁에 연습장에 갔었는데,
제 뒷쪽 타석에 배.용.준.이 연습중이더랬죠.

프론트에서 직원분이 "이건 비밀인데.. 여기에 배용준씨 있습니다"라고
경호원들때문에 이목을 끌게 했던..


10.19 10:38

I went to golf practice range yesterday afternoon.
BYJ was practicing golf at the rear side of my practice box.

It’s supposed to be a secret but the front desk personnel said
“BYJ is here” to attract attention of the public.

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