Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[BOF Notice] To dear family

Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
translated by Joanne on Quilt

[BOF Public Notice] To dear family


To: dear family

How are you. This is BOF.

In these days, we make generous smile at beautifully tinted autumn leaves, even while straightening up clothes due to cold wind.
Do all dear family spend bountiful Autumn?

We are to say in the public notice, just because there have been many family who are worried about and interested in Mr. BYJ's health since he came home from Japan.
After returning from Japan, Mr. BYJ is taking a plenty of rest and getting treatment as directed by a hospital.
Fortunately, he has improved a lot thanks to dear family and he appears to be far healthier than before.
Nowadays, he excercises a little by little for speedy recovery of health, and he works on planned schedules a little by little.
Until he completely recovers his health, not only he himself of course, but we also will work hard with our best efforts in the future too.

Our hearts feel sorry for unexpectedly causing many dear family worry.
Hoping that you watch Mr. BYJ's quick recovery with warm interests from now on also, we wish all dear family also pay attention to health and have active time in cooled down weather.

Thank you.

Respectfully, BOF

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