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[VOD]2009.09.29 WLS Anime Press Con

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[스크랩] [VOD]2009.09.29 OMOIKKIRI DON / 배용준 & 최지우 기자 회견
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I am hoping that Korean sisters can do the translation later on as Wonchun has expressed some difficulties in conprehension of YJ's words.

(Trans) NOTES - Press Conference in Animated WLS - Tokyo 9/29/09

The press conference began at 11:30AM (Japan time).

BYJ told the press that he feels he came back to 7 years ago when he did the dubbing .

“I am really appreciated that once again I feel the warmth from WLS. Thanks to the family that I can review WLS. The animated image of Junsang is younger than I am now.”

Both BYJ and CJW have expressed their positive attitude towards future collaboration

CJW revealed the possibility for her future collaboration with BYJ by saying that:” We’ve had a good experience in collaborating with each other. If there is a good script in the future, I believe we will make a better work.”

They two also disclosed that it was really a tough job to do the dubbing.

BYJ:”It is difficult to express the emotions through the voice. Most of the time, I have to use my breath to present the feelings”

CJW:” At the beginning, I thought to do the dubbing would be much easier than do TV shoots. It’s hard to express the feeling in small space like in the dubbing studio. I still remember that there is a running scene and in order to perform realistically, I was running in the studio when I do the dubbing. Now I am getting more used to the dubbing.”

BYJ has been keeping long hair for 3 years since his last work “TWSSG” and now he cut his hair short. A lot of his fans feel unaccustomed to his new hair style. BYJ said he would like to present a new image to the public that why he got his hair cut.

CJW revealed her opinion on the animated image of Yujin “ The animated image is younger but more cute. Yujin’s image is more open in animated version than in the TV version which let me feel difficult to handle when I do the dubbing.”

WLS has brought great reputation to BYJ and CJW in Asia. Their collaboration in animated WLS is the first time in 7 years since their last one in TV Version of WLS. When animated WLS was in the preparation stage, BYJ personally communicated with CJW asking her to do the dubbing for Yujin.

BYJ:”After reading the script, I contacted CJW. After 7 years, our appearance and thoughts may change, but after doing the dubbing, I feel that I am back to 7 years ago. It is really a warm feeling . Once again I feel the passion of First Love. I am happy in doing the dubbing.

BYJ expressed that:” The animated version enriches the content of the whole story which is impossible to fulfill in the TV version. Especially it reveals the story of that 3 years when Junsang and Yujin were apart with each other. And also there are some scenes of U.S and Paris which cannot be made in the TV version, but which is put into realistic in the animated version. It is the merit.

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