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[VOD / Trans] Complete Coverage of BYJ's Press Con on "The Beauty of Korea" 22.9.09 by DYTN

[스크랩] 출판기념회견 전영상 youtube보다 (出版記念会見 全映像)
source: KyaputenQ

source: Quilt by suehan and gaulsan

Hi, everyone;

The commemorative event for the BYJ’s book was held at the National Museum of Korea on the 22nd of September. Only reporters were allowed to attend this event, but luckily the Korean TV, YTN uploaded the entire event of 76 minutes on their website and that allowed some of our Families to upload the clips on their You Tube account. The reason I translated this entire event is because I want you to know and enjoy everything that the artisans and BYJ said at the event even though you already heard some of the stories from the news. We don’t want to miss anything that BYJ said. Am I right? Yes!

The clips on the You Tube which were uploaded by kyaputenQ nim helped me translate this entire event. I was also helped by the Korean sisters of café byjintoronto for transcription and Gaulsan nim as well. I’m really thankful to them for helping me translate this work. It was team work.


[The commemorative event for the publishing of the book, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea.]

Transcribed in Korean: K-sisters in café byjintoronto
Translated into English: gaulsan/suehan

MC: Hi, everyone. I’m sincerely grateful to you, domestic and foreign reporters, for attending the commemorative event for the publication of the book, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea’ with your busy schedule.

I’m today’s emcee, Ryu Si Hyeon. Nice to meet you, everyone.

The film you just watched was a special film which was provided by the committee of the year of visiting Korea that supported the commemorative event today.

And, next film is; I would like to express this way,

It is the preview of the book, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea.’
You might wonder about the contents of the book after you watch the preview.
I’ll introduce it to you in detail while I precede this event.

Today’s event will be proceeding as follows;
The making film will be showed first,
and the slide show of the still shoots will come next,
a photo shoot comes after that. Please take a lot of pictures at that time.
And lastly, we’ll have the reporters gathering for this event.

First video we have prepared for you is;
Bae Yong Joon ssi traveled a lot to write this book, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea’.
And he learned and gained experience as well.

So, you are going to watch this making film to find out how he experienced everything and wrote the book.

MC: How was it? You probably thought that Bae Yong Joon ssi traveled on his own two feet from coast to coast, learned and experienced a lot. You were able to see from the scenes that Bae Yong Joon ssi carried the camera himself.

This book, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea, our country’ has lots of still shots. I heard that some of the pictures don’t have Bae Yong Joon ssi in them since they were taken by the photographer Bae Yong Joon ssi himself.

So, we made a slide show with the pictures which were taken by Bae Yong Joon ssi and the making still shots. Please enjoy.

MC: Yes. You even saw the still shots that showed BYJ last year. I thought that he really took the pictures well. Those are very nice pictures. You might not have the chance to read the book because it’s scheduled to be released tomorrow. But I got it and read the book because I needed to prepare for this event. Hmm.. I can explain the contents of the book simply like this.

From the culture of the basic Korean small, dining table to a lacquer painting, tea, ceramics, etc.. those that you just saw on the screen. I can say that this book is written by BYJ who worked out plainly what he felt and experienced after he himself had met the artisans. That was my impressions of the book as a reader. Now, I’m going to introduce today’s hero Bae Yong Joon ssi to you. Let’s give him a round of applause. Hi, Bae Yong Joon ssi. I didn’t see you behind me.

BYJ: Hi. everyone.

MC: Please introduce yourself.

BYJ: Hi, I’m Bae Yong Joon. Its been a while. I sincerely appreciate you attending in spite of your busy schedule. Ah.. it’s the first time for me being at the commemorative event. I feel awkward, and very nervous.. hmmm and my heart is beating too fast as well.

And the book I’m going to introduce to you today.. isn’t the professional culture guide book, but is the experimental culture essay from a beginner who is interested in the culture of Korea and is studying it. I would like to discuss the book with you. Thank you.

MC: Yes. I would like to have a photo shoot right now since we have him. Please look at the right side first. Yes.. Yes.. right side first. How is his position? How about a few step forward?

Reporters: Please take a few steps forward~~

MC: Just two steps forward would be enough. You’re cautious, Bae Yong Joon ssi. You look different than I thought. Ah~ Oh, that’s why. (BYJ nodded) Now~ Please look at the center. Please look to the left side. Thank you. Yes. Thank you.

Reporters: A little more photo shoots.

MC: Thank you. We’re going to have a photo shoot later on. Not only does Bae Yong Joon attend this event but the artisans, the Seonsangnims who continuously work on the beauty of Korea, whom BYJ himself invited are here as well. So, we’re going to have a photo shoot with BYJ and seonsangnims.

First, how about Bae Yong Joon ssi introduces them? Please come out, seonsangnims. Please give them a big round of applause. It isn’t easy for them to attend. They came from all over the country, and one seonsangnim even came from Japan. I really appreciate that.

BYJ: Ah..Today..I don’t think I could start the travel of discovering the beauty of Korea without the Seonsangnims. Ah. It’s an honor for me to have the opportunity to introduce them today. First, I would like to introduce the ceramist, Cheon Han Bong Seonsangnim.

CHB: I’m Cheon Han Bong whom Bae Seonsangnim just introduced. Hi, everyone.

Reporters: Hi.

CHB: I would like to show my gratitude to you for coming and giving life to this event. Especially to the ones who came from Japan. Bae Seonsangnim invited me to this event and it’s an honor for me to be here. I’m deeply moved. The only thing I can say is, “Thank you.” I really appreciate that.

BYJ: Now, I would like to introduce Hong Ssangri Seonsangnim of Cheongmaesil Farm.

HSR: I’m a beautiful farmer. The Seonsangnim before me gave us a good speech and I want to say something about Bae Yong Joon Seonsangnim. I’ll tell you about three events that happened when he came to my house.

Countryside dishes that we never got tired of eating.
Secondly, I have employees. I requested his autograph, but he said that he wanted to give autographs to those who had taken the trouble to prepare lunch for me and then he would give an autograph to me. I was so moved by this second occurrence. Thirdly, the letter (suehan: He wrote to her). So far, 12 movies and dramas were filmed at my house. Many actors/actresses and entertainers came to my house. His warm letter moved me deeply. I thank him for that.

I said, “He acts just like he looks.” He is so gentle and I am deeply moved by his words. I’m a farmer. I would like to request one thing from him today. I’m going to be the flower which blooms from an old tree and I want him to be the flower of life which never dies.

BYJ: Thank you, Seonsangnim. And.. I would like to introduce Choe kang Sik Seonsangnim, the curator of the National Museum of Korea.

CKS: Hi. We have the most media today since the National Museum of Korea opened. I’m very happy to have such a meaningful event at our museum.

Bae Yong Joon ssi suggested to have a tour of the museum as the location where he could introduce our history of culture with me and I agreed to it. In the beginning, I thought he just wanted to look around the museum. But he was very serious, and asked me high quality questions. So, I thought that this super star was surely different from others.

Not only that, he came here several times after that. He kept asking question after question and filmed incomplete ones himself. Looking at him, I learned that stars are made from efforts, and that they are not born stars.

And.. He devoted himself a lot and I heard that he was in a bad condition as a result from stress. I was moved by his attitude. As the curator of the National Museum of Korea, I hope many people, not only Koreans but Chinese, Japanese, Westerners, etc. as well, read this book and that it could be an important momentum to introduce our history and culture to foreign countries. Thank you.

BYJ: I would like to introduce the lacquer painting artist, Jeon Yong Bok seonsangnim.

JYB: I am glad to meet you. As a matter of fact, I was not planning to attend this meeting until yesterday. I thought it was OK because other great artisans could give good speeches about Korean culture. There was a big event in Tokyo, where the wife of the Prime Minister Hatoyama came and said, her mother became a fan of BYJ and as a result began to learn Hangeul when she was 84 years old. She is now 90 and she speaks Korean fluently. The First lady also greeted me with Korean words.

I have been working in Japan for the past 22 years, and I thought that I've been doing my best in Lacquer painting. Recently, I realized that what I have accomplished through my life doesn't even reach the height of BYJ's accomplishments when it comes to his influence on bringing Korea and Japan close to each other. Sometimes I’m envious of him thinking of my 22 years, but, after all, he has made an outstanding contribution, didn't he?

I would like to tell you an episode.
What comes to your mind if you think of lacquer? Most people would say 'lacquer poisoning'. Imagine his handsome face poisoned by lacquer. His face will get swollen.
On the first day, I asked him if he would wear gloves.
It is a question asking whether he is afraid of lacquer poisoning or not.
I've already prepared his gloves. I thought without doubt that he would wear the gloves. I knew that there was a shooting scheduled within several days.
He replied right away, "Sir, I cannot wear the gloves. I wouldn't have come if I were to wear them." What does this mean?

I wonder what has happened to him this year! I heard the news [that YJ was hospitalized] yesterday and came to see him this morning, and it seems that he has worn himself out to complete this project.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not easy to devote on a project to this extent. BYJ has worn out his body not to benefit himself, but to complete his journey to discover the beauty of Korea. I hope he stops wearing himself out and get well soon, so he can be able to do more meaningful works. Thank you very much.

BYJ: I would like to introduce the traditional alcohol beverage researcher, Park Rok Dam seonsangnim.

PRD: Good afternoon. I am glad to meet you.

As Jeon Seonsangnim told us about Bae Yong Joon ssi's attitude towards work, I would like to introduce you how BYJ approached the traditional making of alcohol beverage, that really surprised me.

I gave him recipes of several kinds of traditional alcohol beverage, and made him choose one. He chose two of them, one of which was the most difficult one that I've made in my 26 years of career, and the other one was the alcohol beverage that needed 2 years to ripe. He insisted to learn both of them.

I advised him to choose one, and that it is too difficult to make both, but he didn't change his mind. So I made up my mind not to give him a hand, nd thought that he would give up in the middle of the process. He had to do all the work from the beginning to the end.

It was such a difficult process that he got blisters on his hands.
He spent five more hours than we've originally planned, and he eventually finished the entire process. I almost fell back in astonishment. His patience, tenacity, and his strong will to learn things are admirable.
Then I realized the charm of this person named BYJ. I came to like him very much.

While making traditional alcohol beverage for 26 years, I have come through a lonely and difficult path. I am very happy that BYJ, a top celebrity, is interested making alcohol beverage, especially traditional alcohol beverage.

I enjoyed joining his beautiful journey. I think BYJ is an able man who can accomplish in one year what other accomplish in ten years in the making of traditional alcohol beverage, if he continues to have interest and love. I would like to ask you all to have interest and to support our traditional culture.

BYJ: Thank you very much. I would like to introduce the Master of Pansori[traditional narrative song], Yoon Jin Cheol seonsangnim.

YJC: I am glad to meet you. As the masters who spoke before me already spoke so many good words, I feel there are only a few good words left. This is a meeting to congratulate and encourage Mr. BYJ.

I think I am the youngest person standing here, and I am somewhat embarrassed and honored to be here with the other masters.

When I first met BYJ, I found enthusiasm in his attitude. I was able to see BYJ’s sincerity and truthfulness while we spent the night talking together.

I was glad because he wasn't just pretending to learn our tradition, that has our soul in it, but he came to work with true love to show the true beauty of our culture to many people, especially the foreigners as he is the cultural ambassador. Thinking of this, I became so thankful to him.

Like other artists, I usually consider a lot and hesitate to attend this kind of meetings, but this time I was moved by his truthfulness.

And in the break time, I once thought, what if I ask him to learn [pansori] from me, while I had a chance to talk to him. But I changed my mind and recommended him positively to learn Geomoongo. [a traditional string instrument]

Once, I told him that he would fall in love with the beautiful sound of the geomoongo, he wouldn't be able to come out of it. He listened to me attentively, and I had several conversations with him over the phone after we had met. Finally, he started to learn geomoongo.

I believe that his positive attitude and courage will last throughout his life, and our meeting with him will be a precious one. I was so moved by his devotion that made him injure his body as a result of this project.

On this event for the publication of his book, I would ask you all to encourage him, and to pray for his fast recovery.

BYJ: Thank you. I would like to introduce the fashion designer, Lee Sang Bong seonsangnim.

LSB: Good afternoon. I think I should say thank you to Bae Yong Joon ssi for inviting me to this stage.

I am very happy to stand here with these great masters of our country. In part, I am a bit envious of him, and on the other part, I am really happy to congratulate him.

When I first heard that Bae Yong Joon ssi was going to write a book, I was half in doubt.
However, I decided to help him because I wanted to congratulate him for finding a very good way to return the love that he had received.

I was moved by his intention to introduce our culture, and I was recently surprised when I came to know that he had worked with this many people.

I really congratulate Mr. BYJ for being a person who can express one's gratitude and love in such a wonderful way. I wish him to remain as the most beloved actor, not only in Asia, but in the world.


Thank you very much.

BYJ: I would like to introduce the researcher of the tea culture, Park Dong Choon Seonsangnim who is following the steps of the priest Choyee. (suehan: Those who wants to know more about the Priest Choyee, please go to this website written in Korean only;

PDC: First, I appreciate you and reporters who come this far to search the wonders of the traditional heritage of Korea.

And I’d like to congratulate and encourage Bae Yong Joon ssi’s efforts who worried constantly about not truly revealing the beauty of Korea through his book which introduced the beautiful wonders of the traditional tea. I heard that he is in a bad condition which might have arisen in part because of his passions and efforts. I hope his speedy recovery.

In this 21st century, Bae Yong Joon ssi who is a big star in our country wrote a book to introduce the beauty of our culture and you, foreign reporters, came to Korea as well as the domestic reporters to cover the event.

The traditional heritage has our love, passion, and sincerity in its culture and natural features. I like that these fine aspects, can be an opportunity to introduced Korean beauties to Japan, China, all over the world, and even this country through this man, Bae Yong Joon ssi.

And Bae Yong Joon ssi came to see me regarding the traditional tea, I had doubts like someone previously said. First how much has he understood about the traditional heritage? How passionate is he about it? But I was relieved after I met him. I saw his sincerity, passions and efforts, and I thought that those might introduce the Korean culture in various ways than we knew.

The culture, specially the Korean culture has people’s efforts and spirits that search for the good things that can help human beings. Now it’s the time to talk and share these good aspects with everyone all over the world. Thank you.

And I hope he recovers fast so he can introduce more and better Korean heritages than what we have now worldwide. Thank you all.

BYJ: Thank you. Now, I introduce the master of natural dyeing, Ahn Hwaja Seonsangnim.

AHJ: Thank you. Ah.. It looks like I’m the last person. Everyone in front of me gave a good speech. I was really moved when Bae Yong Joon nim, who has a tremendous impact ability, became interested in our Korean heritages and came to learn the Korean heritage, Hongyeom (suehan: it means dyeing in red color) that isn’t welcomed now and work hard to introduce our culture.

When we heard news, we thought vaguely that there was someone who was interested in our culture and was making a book, but I realized while he was working with me that he has been studying about our culture a lot and has a beautiful mind. I wished that he can introduce our culture and remain interested.

But, when I saw him pursuing perfection and inuring his body, I thought differently. I wish he would spend more time on his health so he can continue introducing our culture, and that the reporters in here show love and interests in the neglected areas in the Korean heritages. Please help and report them. Thank you very much.

BYJ: Thank you very much. I will introduce the architecture Lee Sang Hae Seonsangnim.

LSH: Hi, everyone. It’s nice to meet you. I study the ancient architecture.

Bae Yong Joon ssi contacted me saying that he wanted to talk about the Korean traditional houses. So I thought that I just needed to answer to his questions in the beginning, but I was surprised that he is not only interested in the traditional Korean house, but he has broad knowledge and understandings about how the people have to live and he wanted to know about the cultures that the people have developed. Also, I was really amazed that he was wondering of who we are as a group, who we are in the pIace where we are living, and how we have lived in this history with a critical mind.

So we talked about those quite a while, seriously. If we talk about the Korean traditional house, the house is where the wisdom of lives has been piled up for a long period of time and we can live very comfortably mentally and physically while we live in that house. Actually, we were more interested in the lives of the outside world for about one hundred years and wanted to know more about them. As a result, we discussed the importance of how we should live.

So, I think that traveling to discover the beauty of Korea was published based on those ideas. The beauty that we discussed here clearly isn’t limited to the physical beauty. Also, I think Bae Yong Joon ssi used the term, the beauty, for that same reason.

Beauty, especially the true meaning of beauty is that which shows the true colors of the inside. Even our lives should be that way, showing our inner side before decoration and make-up. I think this book which was made after discovering the hidden beauty of Korea will relay the message to our precious society.

Especially when the lives in the future are more environmental friendly and the ecology is taken more seriously, if our old traditional Korean houses could be built during this time, then it would be better. I believe our Bae Yong Joon will consider this. Thank you for having me here.

BYJ: Thank you very much. Lastly, here is the Korean dress designer Lee Hyo Jae Seonsangnim.

LHJ: I was on this spot when I came on the stage. But I didn’t want to stand out, so I moved.

We said, “Gosireh”, when we started this project. I can remember a lot happening while I’m standing here. I reinterpret the past to present and I worked with him with the intent that the work Bae Yong Joon ssi has done could be a new tradition in 100 or 300 years later. There were rainy and snowy days as the year went by.

I appreciate that we were able to finish this project without any troubles. I thank the priest Jeongrim for praying for us endlessly and I believe BYJs his fast recovery. I hope this project that we’ve done would someday be called ‘The Way of Bae Yong Joon’ or ‘The Way of Yonsama’ in the future because I can feel this love fully,

BYJ: And, the priest Jeongrim who couldn’t come here today, but gave me lots of advises and took the role of guiding me while I was writing this book is here with us.

Ah, I am really grateful to the seonsangnims. The sonsangnims that are here have one thing in common. While I talked to them I learned from them, who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor, and money. The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful. I am sincerely grateful to you, seonsangnims, for me having that heart.

MC: Thank you. Now, Bae Yong Joon ssi will have a photo shoot with seonsangnims who taught him well. There are several seonsangnims and one student, so how about Bae Yong Joon ssi going in the middle. Yes. Now, we are going to have a photo shoot with all of the seonsangnims. Please do.

(a photo shoot)

MC: Thank you. The photo shoot is done. Please go back to your seats, seonsangnims. Bae Yong Joon ssi is escorting them. Yes, you can go back to your seat with his escort.

Thank you very much. We’re going to have a Q & A session with Bae Yong Joon ssi a bit later. Please wait for us. I think it’s rare to see Bae Yong Joon ssi sweeping with a broom.

But, I dare to say that this book is the one that can make us the best in the world through the beauty, our beauty of truthfulness. And I saw his extensiveness by inserting the simple map that can help us to look around our beauty more carefully.

Ah, Bae Yong Joon ssi is on the stage. Now, we’re going to explain about the stories that you’re wondering with Bae Yong Joon ssi. First, you might have heard it through the news a couple of days ago; there are many people who are concerned about his health. Even seonsangnims who come here today have mentioned it several times. I want to ask him about his health.

BYJ: I’m very sorry to have you concerned about me. I became energized after I saw the seonsangnims. I’m recovering.

MC: Now, we’re gong to start asking questions about the book, “Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea”. You’re an actor and it wasn’t easy for you to write a book. I want to ask you what motivated you to write this book and what your reaction was after you finished.

BYJ: There are lots of reasons for that. First, I remember that I was asked to recommend the highlights of Korea at the press conference in Japan. I was unable to reply well, and I was embarrassed about it. I also regretted to see that foreign Families who always stayed at the filming sites only returned to their counties. I wanted to introduce the tourist attractions of Korea to them and it motivated me to plan writing this book to introduce the highlights and famous restaurants for delicious foods in Korea.

And the concepts of the book are ‘experiencing the culture’, and ‘traveling the culture’. The reason for that is; If the culture, feelings and people of Korea can be understood first, before I introduce the highlights and famous restaurants for delicious foods in Korea, then the unnoticeable pIaces can be seen from a different perspective.

It was really hard for me to write this book. But, I was able to learn easily because I had very good teachers (seonsangnims). I’m really thankful that I was able to finish this book without any troubles.

MC: Next question is; many people who are here are wondering, and not only reporters, but there are many people who might be curious about it. I’ll ask you this. Did you write the book yourself, from the beginning to the end? Is that a weird question?

BYJ: Did you read the book?

MC: Yes, I did.

BYJ: How was it?

MC: I read the book and it made me think that he must have had a hard time and studied a lot

BYJ: Thank you very much. I wrote it myself.

MC: Not only you said that, but the seonsangnims mentioned that you took the hardest work and put a lot of effort in them to be perfect in detail. I hope it answered your questions.

I questioned him a few times. Now, I’m going to receive questions from you, reporters. The seonsangnims are willing to answer your questions as well as Bae Yong Joon ssi.

Please raise your hand. The microphone will be brought to you. Please raise your hand. Over there? Where? I can’t see well because of the flashlights. Right side.

Reporter: I’m a reporter, Shin Hea Sook from KJ(?). There might be so many different traditional cultures when you planned to write a book. I want to know the reason why you chose the cultures in the book and your process in selecting them. Now the book is complete. How much of your initial intentions were met compared to those you had planned. How satisfied are you with your book? Please.

BYJ:The standards to choose them are like this. I selected 13 topics based on the areas which I liked and was curious; and those who were recommended by someone else

But the journey taken to meet and interview the seonsangnims was processed smoothly just like flowing. It wasn’t forced.

Hmm.. I met them through someone, books, newspapers, and in everyday life. During the course I was getting to know them one by one, It made me think ‘Ah! This is an act of divine intervention.’

Ah! And my satisfaction level of the book is; Hm.. We [humans] are never satisfied with what we have. I think I can do a better project next time because we always regret something.

The hardest part of the writing was keeping the deadline! You might understand this. It was really hard for me to keep the deadline. I’m wondering why I was able to write the book better as the deadline approached.

And I thought about the staff that did the final process for the publishing of the book must have had a hard time because the whole process was delayed.

Here, I sincerely convey my apology to them who had to go through such hardships.

MC: You are really a writer since you know about deadlines.
This is the first book for you. Is it okay to expect a second book from you, the writer?

BYJ: Actually, I rather consider my next work as an actor instead of a writer. I have stayed away from my work for a long time. I’m really sorry for my Families.

Ah! I think there is a strange attractiveness in writing a book. I finished the book. If I write a book next time, If I work on a book, I’d like to make it an interesting book that introduces the highlights and famous restaurants for delicious foods of Korea and that has a minimum of writing, mostly pictures.

MC: You look like you’ve lost lots of weight. It must have been hard for you to write a book. He even talked about the preview of his second book for the reader. Now, next question?

Yes, the reporter in the very front.

Reporter: First, I congratulate you for publishing the book. You traveled for one year and where is the best spot you want to recommend? And.. that’s it.

BYJ: It’s a very hard question. It isn’t easy for me to pick one pIace in particular because there are many good pIaces. Hm.. the best pIace that remained in my memory is Hwangryongsaji in Gyeongju.

We can’t see anything there now and nothing exists there anymore.
Ah, somehow, it makes my heart heavy and think lots of things.
And, when I returned to my house, it made me think ‘Did I leave something there? I better go back to look at it again.’

MC: I’ll ask you a more difficult question. I heard that the seonsangnim wanted you to become their students because you’ve learned well, but they couldn’t speak about it because you are a very famous figure.

And, I heard that you are even learning geomungo, and you set up a spinning wheel and a table for lacquer painting to practice them in your home. Of those, I believe the seonsangnims might understand this, is there a beauty that can be your comfortable friend for a long time?

BYJ:Did you ask me a difficult question?
I’ll answer it easily.
I want to do farming. I want to be a farmer.

MC: Without any reason?


MC: Yes!

BYJ: Do you know how to do farming? I want to step on the ground and touch the dirt. I think I’ll be very happy if I plant and ripe something to give healthy foods to someone. I don’t when that will be.

Hm.. Actually, I really learned a lot from the seonsangnims like the lacquer painting, ceramics and others. I’d like to continue to do those.

If I want to add one job in my occupation section, I’d like to add a farmer.

Is the title of today’s news going to be ‘Bae Yong Joon will become a farmer.’? Please don’t.

MC: You’ve told them everything. Hahaha Now, we’re going to have the next question. Just a minute, Yon Young Chul pd. The microphone is coming to you.

Reporter: I’m PD Yoon Young Chul from (?, suehan: I couldn’t hear it clearly.) I’m wondering when we can see you as an actor again instead of a writer. And I want to know what role you will be playing even if it is as a singer in the drama or movie. Please tell us in detail, not in general.

BYJ: Yes. I’ll never be a singer because I can’t sing well. I’ll sing for you when you come to see me after I become a farmer. And I think the name, ‘the writer, Bae Yong Joon’ couldn’t be born without ‘an actor, Bae Yong Joon’.

MC: We’re going to take one last question. Please give the microphone to the reporter in the back.

Reporter: Lots of people are concerned about your health because you were sick recently. What made you sick while writing the book? What was the most difficult part? Please answer these questions for your fans.

BYJ: The most difficult one was.. hmm. Someone said, a certain reporter, I said to him, “I’ve lost weight because I wrote a book.’ He replied, “We all started that way.” Chuckles.. I’ve lost about 10 kg, he said that I’ll gain weight once I start to work again. I’ve lost lots of weight and I’m weakened physically. My condition wasn’t good, so I went to the hospital. But, I’m recovering now, and the recovery is fast. I think I’ll be healthy soon. I’m really sorry for the concern I have caused my fans, Families, parents, and all of you. Thank you very much.

MC: Lastly, if you’re not satisfied with or regret something after you released the book, please tell us about that. And please address those here who are going to be the readers.

BYJ: The part I regretted the most was.. hmm I really studied earnestly, but I feel that I’ did not learn enough. I didn’t have much time to do the last part of publishing this book because I couldn’t keep the deadline. And I regretted a lot. The most I regretted was the typo. If you look at the second line from the bottom of the page 257, there is a typo. It’s East Tower, not West Tower. I’m really sorry about that. (Chuckles).. And if you really want to know about the culture of Korea, please travel with me by reading this book even though I am not satisfied with the book. (Sue Han: meaning that he believes that he could have written the book better if he had more time or more knowledge). Please show your interests by reading the book when you return home. Thank you very much.

BYJ: Thank you.

MC: Thank you very much, Bae Yong Joon ssi.

BYJ: Thank you all.

MC: Thank you.

MC: Thank you all for being here with us for such a long time. It’s time for us to let him go even though we want to have him here some more.

BYJ: I need to escort my seonsangnims.. Chuckles

MC: I want to add some comments to finish this event. We just finished the commemorative event for the publishing book, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea’. You’ll see the drinks and snacks which were prepared by the Korean dress designer, Lee Hyo Jae ssi when you exit this hall.

She wanted me to convey a few messages to you by saying; ‘It’s not proper to send the guests back with empty hands.’ So, I hope you enjoy the food, and please scoop the tea with a gourd and eat the tomatoes with salt. Please keep that in mind.

And, one the way out, there are special presents from the artisan of the traditional alcohol beverage, Park Rok Dam seonsangnim. Also, the book, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea’ will be handed to you by our staff. Don’t forget to take one. Again, I’m grateful of you, domestic and foreign media for being with us for such a long time, the seonsangnims who came from far and sponsored this event, ‘The year of visiting Korea’. Bae Yong Joon ssi will escort seonsangnims outside. Let’s applaud.

BYJ: Thank you very much.

source: Joins

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