Monday, September 28, 2009

[Trans]Korean Netizen’s assorted comments after watching BYJ’s press con

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[Trans]Korean Netizen’s assorted comments after watching BYJ’s press con

[cam: here are some of the Korean Netizen’s comments after watching BYJ’s book launch press conference, for the quilt sisters as an end of weekend cheer]

• Simply appoint BYJ to be the Minster of Culture。。。

• BYJ is ageing in reverse! And is getting younger and younger~. He is handsome as usual. Truly amazing ~! The new hair style makes him look younger.

• He is someone who exercises strict self discipline。。。

• I liked him, back in days. I also like him now^^

• His Maybech。。。。 I sat in one last time 。。。Maybech ....220km/h without noise or vibration。。

• I work in an internet café earning 1 million (M) won a month. BYJ’s Maybech costs 770M won, divided by 1M that is 770 months. 770 months divided by 12, is 64 years 。。 I’m 24 years old. It looks like I can only afford BYJ’s Maybech when I’m 88. hahaha ha

• His gesture of greeting is extremely humble, I’m very pleased.

• Ah. . . . . . Bae Yong Joon is indeed different to other actors. It is hard to describe in words. He has a certain element of mysteriousness about him.

• I watched a long time ago. I could never imagine his achievement to date.

• The final picture is the picture from BYJ’s book cover. I thought it was his shadow from standing in front of the poster. What a shock. Hahaha.

• In order to promote Korea to the world, BYJ has a number of Korean restaurants in operation. He is promoting Korean cuisine in Japan. When other countries were hit by natural disasters, he often donates millions. This time round, the book he wrote is also promoting Korea. Celebrities generally write their name on a book which often written by another author. But BYJ took the photos, met up with people and wrote his own prose after journeying around the homeland. This is the outcome of his hard work. He even shed 10 kg. What an amazing man.

• BYJ has the qualities of both gentleness and masculine toughness; he is indeed a top star.

• BYJ is simply a myth. I have followed him since his debut. But I could never imagine his achievement to date.

• After reading everyone’s comments, I feel BYJ is simply awesome^^. I would love to be like him one day! he he

• His gesture of greeting is unusual, a 90 degree bow..

• Do you think Japanese tourists spend more money in Korea, or BYJ makes more money in Japan?

• I would like to live like him. I’m still young. 20 this year, after I complete my military service I will start to strive for the best, working hard.

• To be honest, BYJ is not an actor I liked in the past. But I was really touched by his book launch. Indeed, he really wishes to promote Korea and he actually experienced Korean culture first hand. I’m really surprised and very pleased.

I would like to marry someone like BYJ, considerate and also caring.

• If he had not starred in Winter Sonata, what would have happened?
So no one knows what can happen in life.

• If Bae Yong Joon is to run a company, he must be at the CEO level
and making heaps of money.

• To tell you the truth, I had a bad impression of him from the past. But I have since changed my attitude after seeing his data collection video at the press conference of his new book launch.

• BYJ is well mannered and humble, good looking, with wealth
A prince of our generation
Simply outstanding

• Why do I always see Michael Jackson in Bae Yong Joon?

• Although he is not my type, he has done many good deeds.
We need people like him.

• Money alone can not buy a Maybach, you need to have a certain status in society.
It comes with certain terms and conditions. Apart from Lee Kun Hee and Bae Yong Joon, I forgot the other names.

• I was shocked to hear the following. If BYJ is to go to a department store, 50 Korean security guards, 50 Japanese security guards, they need to call on all 100 of them.
Even if he only goes out for a short while, they still need to call out all of them.
Now I know why he is not married
Because he has no privacy!

• If one works hard in life, he should have something in return. Therefore we should not look at others’ success through colored glasses. If he did not succeed, he would not be in his current position. Even though we can’t be in the same position as BYJ, if we work hard, we can also be successful.

• He has 770M Maybach, if I have 3.6billion, I would ride in a tank.

• Bae Yong Joon’s car matches him!

• I would catch subways (train) that are more than one billion!

• Bae Yong Joon is graded as top class in show biz, judging by it, it’s graded as class of myth!

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