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[Trans] hardworking YJ surprised masters

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original in chinese: sports chosun 2009.09.23

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Artisans and Masters Surprised
by how Hardworking & Assiduous BYJ was

On the 22nd, a commemorative event was held for the publication of the book, The Journey in Search of the Beauty of Korea, authored by Bae Yong Joon (BYJ) himself. At the end, the masters from the arts arena who had lent their assistance and support to the book all shared their thoughts and feelings. A common thread amongst their sharing was 'BYJ's hardworking and assiduous ways were remarkably surprisingly, and he really possesses determination and perseverance.'

Lacquer artist Jun Yong Bok who had carried out lacquer artwork in Japan together with BYJ said, "Most people are worried about lacquer dermatitis when they first come into contact with lacquer art.

There was once he was supposed to have a filming schedule right after his lacquer work, so I'd prepared protective gloves for him beforehand. But he politely declined and refused to wear the gloves, even I may not be able to do that. There was no hint of him being afraid or hesitant about lacquer at all."

Master of traditional wine Mr Park (朴碌潭) said, "I asked him which types of traditional wine he wanted to learn to make, and in the end, he chose the one that's the most difficult to produce, and the one that takes the longest to make. I had thought there was no way he could have completed both, so I did not help him at all.

Eventually, after going through much hardship and challenges, there were blisters on his hands and his skin was peeling, but he finally produced the wine some five hours earlier than expected. It really shocked me. At that time, I truly felt the latent charisma and attraction in him."

Mr Eun (尹振哲), singer of traditional national music, also said, "One could completely feel how true, how genuine and sincere he is through his proactive and serious attitude towards learning. I thought it was too tiring to continue to practise singing, so I recommended him the kŏmun'go (aka hyŏn'gŭm). According to him, he's already brought the musical instrument back home to practise."

The masters from the other arena too expressed similar views, "... only half believed him when I heard him say he wanted to learn, but later from how diligent and serious his attitude towards learning was, I could thoroughly feel and understand the mannerism and the presence of a real superstar."

p.s. if you're wondering how the kŏmun'go (aka hyŏn'gŭm) looks like, here's a picture.

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