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[Report / Trans] Q&A of the press meeting Sep 22, 2009

source: Quilt by gaulsan



I am Bae Yong Joon.

Thank you very much for attending this meeting.
This is my first press meeting for publishing a book, and I feel embarrassed, nervous, and happy at the same time.
I hope you consider the book that I will introduce you as my record as a beginner of studying Korean culture, not as a book specializing in culture.

- I heard that you fell ill with sepsis. How is your present condition?
▲ I am sorry to make everyone worry. I am getting well, and I received much power after meeting the masters today.

- Would you tell us how you feel after writing your book?
▲ There are many reasons that made me write this book. In an interview I had in Japan, I was asked to introduce pIaces of note in Korea. I was ashamed because I couldn't give good answer to that question. Also, when I met my Family coming to see me working at the shooting site, I felt sorry for them because they spend most of their time at the shooting site, and I hoped to introduce them good pIaces to enjoy.
At first, I planned to introduce celebrated localities and good restaurants, but I change my mind. I thought that if I introduce Korean culture, how Koreans feel and express themselves, it would help people notice the deeper meaning of things otherwise they won't notice when visiting the same pIace.
It was a hard work to write this book, but thanks to the support of these masters, I could finish writing. I am thankful that I managed to finish this book without trouble.

- Did you write this all by yourself?
▲ (Smiling) I wrote it by myself.

- How did you choose the themes?
▲ There are 13 themes, and I chose some from things I was always interested, and some were introduced by others. My journey to meet and interview the masters were arranged like riding on a flow of water. Through books, newspapers, and through acquaintance... I met one master and then another. I thought 'this might be what is called karma'.

- How much are you satisfied with your book?

▲ I am not satisfied. Whenever I feel not satisfied, I say to myself I could do better next time. The most difficult part of writing this book was meeting the deadline. It was really hard to write in time. (Like other people,) I couldn't speed up my writing till the last moment(laugh). Because the entire process was delayed, the editing staffs had to work very hard. I would like to say here that I am sorry and thankful for their help.

- Are you planning to write another book?
▲ I think it is time to plan for another drama(or movie) than a book. I feel very sorry to my Family for my long absence. However, writing a book is a very interesting process. If I write another book, I will introduce celebrated localities and good restaurants, which has more photographs and less words(laugh).

- Where was the most impressive pIace?
▲ There are so many good pIaces that it is difficult to choose one.
However, Hwangryongsa-ji of Kyungju was the most impressive pIace.
There is nothing left there and we can't see a thing. I don't know why, but that pIace made me immerse in deep thought. When I returned home, I thought 'maybe I missed something. I must visit there again.' It was such a pIace.

[ Hwangryongsa-ji is a pIace that there was a temple named Hwangryongsa.
It was built in 554AD in Shilla dynasty. It was destroyed when the Mongolia invaded and put fire on it in 13th century. There is no building left, and only stones that supported columns are remained to show us how large that temple was. It is the pIace that appears at the front cover of YJ's book. ]

- Among various things you've experienced, what would you like to continue doing?

▲ I would like to become a farmer.
I want to step on the ground and touch soil. I think I will feel happy to plant and harvest things and share healthy food with others. I've learned many other things and I want to do them, too, but if I am to write one more line in my curriculum vitae, I would like to add that I am a farmer.

- What is your next plan?
▲ I will never become a singer. I can't sing well. If you visit me when I become a farmer, then maybe I could sing you a song.
There will be no BYJ as a writer if there is no BYJ as an actor.

- Why did you fall ill? Would you give your message to your fans?

▲ The largest problem was losing weight. When I once asked someone about losing weight, he said, if I write a book once more, then I will gain weight.
I think my body got weak because I lost too much weight, and that's why I had to get hospitalized. I am now recovering. I am basically a healthy person, so I will recover soon. I am sorry to make my Family and my parents worry.

- Is there anything discontented with your work?
▲ I've studied really heard, but many things are discontented. I regret that I was short of time. The most regretful thing is, there is a flaw in my writing. In page 257 at the second bottom line, it is written 'western tower'. It should be 'eastern tower'. I am sorry.
There are many defects in my book, but I hope this could be a companion of your journey to explore Korea.


(Trans) A fan's account - meeting with BYJ - 9/22/09
source: Quilt by lynn

One Korean fan went to the museum yesterday to see BYJ who shared her experience on

爱俊一梅from Baidu BYJ Thread translated it into Chinese. Here is the English trans done by me.

Please bear with errors in my translation as it has been through 3 different languages.

After school, I rushed to the bus station to take the KTX express line and then I changed to taxi to the museum. Some fan told me that YJ had already entered into the museum and he would be out soon. It was said that the commemorative meeting would begin at 4:00pm, but suddenly it changed to 2:00pm. My class didn’t finish at 2:00 and I could not just leave the class. Sigh…. Cannot see him…. I kept talking to other fans and I wandered among the fans like I was running crazy.

They told me that I should first find the parking space of YJ’s car and then after YJ coming out, I should just follow him so that I could see him for a longer time. There are some reporters around and each of them was carrying a small paper bag. I asked one of them about the contents in the bag. He told me that the bag was prepared by BOF, there are YJ’s new book, a booklet and a small bottle of wine inside it. He even showed it to me. Wow! It’s awesome! Just looking at those pictures almost let me faint and I can hardly breathe anymore.

Suddenly, with someone’s yelling “ah!”, here came BYJ. His face was so shiny and very small. He is very tall and he has his own charisma. When he approached to me, actually it was first time for me to see him. Oh my! he was so slim, actually very thin. Seeing this, I feel my heart is in ache. Don’t know whether he wanted to show his consideration to us fans or he was still in recovering from his illness, YJ walked very slowly. He looked very handsome in his short hair, my heart was beating very fast as well as feeling painful. How come a person can suffer that much by writing a book? If so, I would rather he never write a book.

I followed him until half meter to his car. I put his image, his face, his impression –all of him in my eyes and in my mind. He let the seniors, those artisans get into the car first and then he himself walked around the car to get into from the door on the other side. He walked by me. Even though he looked pale and his eyes are congestive, he still looked charming and so handsome. Someone pushed me from the back which gave me a good chance to lean over him. I secretly touched his back. How I eager to hold him from the back, to throw myself to him, but I managed to control myself. By looking at him, my heart was full of happiness, however by looking at him who is still suffering from his illness, my heart feels painful. I feel sorry for YJ.

It’s just like a dream. All of these are like in a dream. I felt faintness. I feel excited as well as heartburn for my first time to see BYJ. My tears shed.

When I came out, I saw those reporters again. We told them that BYJ has done a lot of good things and he has a lot of fans in Korea, so please report with reality, with true stories.

Some fans ran into “the Gorilla in the Kitchen” afterwards. As I didn’t tell my hubby my real whereabouts, I went back home with tears. Those fans that ran into the restaurant saw BYJ again.

Now when I think about this meeting, everything is just like a dream.

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