Tuesday, September 22, 2009

[Photo] BYJ at the Press Con ~ National Museum

BYJ, 'Iwrote a book informing beauty of Korea'-Looks inside event venue
source: translated by Joanne

[My Daily = Reporter Kwon Taewan] At the press conference at commemorative meeting for publication of the 'Travel left to explore beauty of Korea' held in the main auditorium at the National Central Museum in Yongsan, Seoul in the afternoon on the 22nd, BYJ, the author of this book, takes a pose waving hand.

It is an essay left by record for one year when he personally shot photos with camera and wrote, and it contains variety of culture and sceneries of Korea, from 12 master artisans representing various fields in Korea from the Master Cheon Hanbong, intangible human Cultural asset ceramic artist, to Lee Hyojae, a Korean costume designer, Jeon Yongbok, lacquer artist, Park Rokdam, scholar of traditional liquor, Teacher Park Dongchoon, scholar of tea ceremony, etc., and traditional culture, and to various regions abundant with things to see.

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lily said...

Hello Xiaoyi!

Gosshh.... you're really so fast! Many thanks for all d updates esp, d pics ^;^ my wish (& many of his fans too) was granted (new hairdo again) ha ha ha...

Seriously, i really wish & pray YJ will be in his best health again! worried... coz he might collapsed again...(hope not), he still has 2 main big event. (Oh Yong Joon please take care of your health... sob!!!)

Love d pics xioayi, at least we know he's better thou' not at his best.

Take care too....