Monday, September 28, 2009

[NEWSEN] 'Imposing force' of BYJ leaving for Japan

Vivarijunni posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
[PHOTOEN]'Imposing force' of BYJ leaving for Japan
source: Quilt by Joanne

[NEWSEN]'Imposing force' of BYJ leaving for Japan

[From Gimpo=Chung Yujin, NEWSEN]

"Yonsama' BYJ and 'Jiwoohime' Choi Jiwoo left for Narita, Japan via Gimpo Airport in Seoul at around 11:20 AM (later report said it was 1:30 PM) on September 27.
After attending press conference related to the animation 'WLS' to be held at the Baycourt Club in Tokyo and Tokyo Dome event to commemorate broadcasting of the animation 'WLS' in Japan on on September 29, BYJ will bring glory to the Tokyo Dome event commemorating publication of the 'Journey in search of Korea's Beauty' on 30th. In the Animation 'WLS', colleage actress 'Jiwoohime' Choi Jiwoo will also appear, so that those two seem to reproduce the glory of the drama 'WLS' once again with their voice acting.

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