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[News Trans]BYJ seen by the artisans of Cultural heritages and Arts

BYJ seen by the artisans of Cultural heritages and Arts
[DongA Ilbo]

source: Quilt by suehan

He was awful.. practiced lacquer with bare hands for a week.
He was nice.. didn’t want to give a person any trouble.. so brought his own lunch.

Bae Yong Joon went to Iwate Lacquer Museum located in Iwate providence in Japan to meet the lacquer artisan and curator, Jeon Yong Bok on the 26th of February. He stayed there with his staff for a week and learned lacquer painting. He worked early every morning and finished until 1 or 2 am the following day.

The Curator Jeon worried about lacquer poison and told him to wear gloves. Bae Yong Joon replied like this: “I can’t feel the full texture with the gloves. I didn’t even come here to wear gloves but to learn lacquer painting.” The Curator Jeon remembered saying, “Bae Yong Joon brought a sleeping bag, slept and ate with everyone in the quarter. The weather was so cold and I could see his rosy cheek.”

‘Yongsama’ Bae Yong Joon wrote a travel photo essay, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea’, for the past year will be released on the 23th. He was hospitalized for septicemia for four days, discharged on the 21st, and will attend to celebrate the publication of his book at the National Museum of Korea on the 22nd. His immune system was weakened from stress and lost about 10kg while writing the book. He interviewed 12 artisans of the cultural heritage and arts. This company heard from 9 of them ‘Bae Yong Joon was seen by artisans’.

“So surprised about his persistence”

Bae Yong Joon brewed the traditional wine himself at the Director Park Rok Dam’s office who is the researcher of the traditional wine. The wine he made is ‘Dong Jeong Choon’ (it was brewed from the fermented polished rice and yeast without water.) and the Director Park said that it is the most difficult and detailed procedure to brew. His hands were skinned and bleed while he was mixing the materials. The brewing started at 9 am and finished at 8 pm. Director Park said, “He really wanted to learn, not shallowness. I was so surprised.”.

He went to meet the ceramist Cheon Han Bong and worked on the spinning wheel for 3 hours without stopping. He worked until 10 pm at the tea field in Choon Cheon city, Gang Won Do which was operated by East Asia Tea Lab Director Park Dong Choon. He slept at the Choon Cheon downtown and came back the next day at dawn because there were no lodges nearby. He said, “I don’t want to give you any trouble.” and brought lunches made with Korean traditional dishes. He learned how to make kimchee until 10 pm from the Korean Traditional Dress Designer Lee Hyojae. Lee said, “Mr. Bae is satisfied only when he does everything himself.” He was asked to give an autograph after lunch when he went to see Hong Ssang Li of Green Plum Farm in Gwangyang in Jeongnam in early June, and he said, “I want to give autographs to the ones who had difficulty preparing lunch and then I’ll give autographs to you.”

The photo travel essay, ‘Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea.’ was written in a year, and will be released tomorrow.

“I would like to make the Environment-friendly cultural heritage town.”

Why did he go through such hardships to write a book? He said to the Architecture and Professor of Seonggyungwan University Lee Sang Hae, “I made money as an actor. I’m writing a book to find the way to return the money to society. There are serious problems in the cities and general environmental aspects, and countries are fallen behind. I wish to make the town where the Korean cultural heritage will remain alive and can be maintained continuously.”

He showed his interests to build the Environment-friendly cultural heritage town, not only to publish a book. He questioned Professor Lee about the characteristics of the Korean Traditional House meticulously and showed his deep interests with regards to the community life when he met the Priest Jeongrim in Gilsang Temple.

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