Monday, September 28, 2009

[News] Thousands greet "Yonsama"in Japan

[news] Thousands greet"Yonsama"in Japan

source: Asia Economic Daily / tomato99
2009.09.28 15:42

Thousands of fans gathered at the airport over the weekend to welcome the arrival of "Yonsama", visiting Japan for the first time in nearly a year and a half to attend several promotional events.

Despite the top Hallyu star's efforts to keep his arrival a secret, some 2500 fans gathered at Narita International Airport to greet Bae Yong-joon who arrived on a private flight Sunday afternoon, according to a press release by Bae's agency BOF Entertainment.

His staff and actress Choi Ji-woo, Bae's co-star of 2002 hit TV series "Winter Sonata" which placed both actors onto superstardom throughout Asia, also arrived on the same flight, BOF said.

The two on Tuesday will stand on stage together for the first time in seven years to attend the premiere event of the animation version of "Winter Sonata" in which both actors provided voice-overs for.

The following day, Bae is set to attend an event held to promote the publication of his photo essay "Discovering the Beauty of Korea" which introduces Korea's cultural artisans, Korean traditional food and cultural content, along with travel locations.

A total of about 100,000 fans are expected to watch the two events set to take place at the Tokyo Dome. The events will also be broadcast live into theatres throughout Japan for some 10,000 audience who were not able to attend the show.

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