Saturday, September 12, 2009

Market Release Information - "The Beauty of Korea"

source: Quilt by gaulsan

Market Release Information

"The Beauty of Korea"(title subject to change) that BYJ has worked for over a year will be published on 23 Sep.

You can make reservation at internet bookstores from 12 Sep.
For those who make reservation before 22 Sep, a pocket notebook with the logo of 'the Beauty' will be sent together.

The list of internet bookstores are :
Yes24 :
Aladdin :
Libro :


The book has 432 pages, filled with YJ's photos and essays over 13 themes, informations of the travel rout, etc.
I was surprised with the price - it's only 16200 won!
(18000won is the original price, and 10 % off when you buy from the internet.)
I've searched these websites and found out that Kyobobook is the most convenient for foreigners. Below is the direction to order "the Beauty of Korea'.

* Go here

* click '바로구매하기(order now)'.

* Click '예(yes)' to the pop up window, and click in the three small boxes.

* Then scroll down a little.

* Fill in the information in category 01
주문 고객 0l름 = your name
연락처 = phone number
0l메일 = email address
주문 비밀번호 = password to your order information.
It is needed for you to monitor the order status.

* category 02
click '해외배송(send abroad)' at the first line.
choose your country and fill in the information.
(US, Canada, China, and Japan are in the top of the list. Other countries are listed in alphabetical order.)
The red letters say that 'Phone 2(mobile)' information is essential.

* category 03
select '신용카드(credit card)' at the second line.
Now lets choose the card in the box below the price.

In the box next to [카드 유형], click '해외카드(foreign card)'.
In the box [카드구분], click '해외발행카드(card issued outside Korea)'.
Fill in the card number and expire date. (월=month, 년=year)

After you fill in all the information, click '결제하기(pay)' at the bottom of that page.

I cannot go further because I don't have a card issued outside Korea.
If something pops up, it usually means that some information is missing.
If it still doesn't work, write me what happened.
If you succeed, please write us what happened in the next step.


ps. Reading the lines he wrote..... sigh..... he is a REAL ambassador of Korean culture, and he is writing like a philosopher or a scholar, and yet he is so humble!
I thought, 'oh uh! I should study hard to catch up this man!'
No wonder it would take long to translate his book!

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