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[BYJ Q&A] BYJ, "I want to be a farmer in the future"[Maeil Business]9/22/09

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[BYJ Q&A] BYJ, "I want to be a farmer in the future"

[Maeil Business]9/22/09 15:21:27
source: translated by Joanne

BYJ, having been treated in a hospital recently for the diagnosis of sepsis, attended in healthy appearance the press conference on publication of the 'Travel left to explore the beauty of Korea', that was held at the main auditorium at the National Centeral Museum in Yongsan in the afternoon on the 22nd, and revealed the reason for writing the book, & course and his opinion, etc.

On that day, around the press conference venud, fans flocked from in and out of Korea shouted "We love you, BYJ", as expected for outing of the top star, and as over 400 domestic and foreign reporting crew from over 300 media flocked in, reflecting hot interests.

BYJ,appearing after trimming hair style with tails and wearing black suits, introduced, "It is not a professional liberal art book. This is the book I put the materials that I personally experienced in our traditional culture as I moved around various regions in entire nation."

Following that, he invited 11 representative master artisans, who provided help to write the book and told behind stories as he introduced them one by one, saying, "I feel honored as I could have been with those people who are here, and as I can introduced them in this occasion."

Also, he gave (them) greetings of appreciation, saying "I thank them as they made me realized what is more important than money and reputation. I learned from these teachers heart to put in sincere heart."

In particular, he told, "If I would like to add one more in my occupation column, I like to add the 'farmer',", saying "I want to be a farmer. I want to step on ground, and to touch soil. Planting something and making it to produce fruits seems like a tremendously happy thing."

'Travel left to explore the beauty of Korea-BYJ' contains over 200 photos that BYJ personally experienced Korean tradition (from) 11 representative master artisans in various fields in Korea & 13 contents related to the traditional culture, to various regions of Korea.

This book, following pre-sale at 800 million won in Japan, is running at the top of reservation sale in Korea also, showing off BYJ's star power.

BYJ will plan to hold a commemorative meeting for publication along with Korea's master artisans in various fields, who were introduced in the book first in Korea to commemorate the publication of the book in both nations of Korea and Japan. In particular, he plans a large scale commemorative event for the publication together with 50,000 fans in the Tokyo Dome in Japan on the September 30.

▶ How is your health at present.

I am sorry to make you worry. I gained much strength after meeting teachers. I am recovering well.

▶ What is the momentum to write the book and how you feel (about the book)?

The momenta to wirte the book are so many. There was a shameful event when I could not answer properly when asked to introduce famous tourist sites iin Korea at a press conference in Japan. Also, I planned (the book) from a though to introduce good tourist spots in Korea after watching that Japanese fans returned to Japan after having the events, and the reason why the book concept became cultural travel book or book about experience is because I thought that the places that one might pass by without paying much attention would be meaningful if there is prior understanding of culture, feeling, and people of Korea, before introducing famous spots and restaurant with tasteful foods.

▶ Did you really write the book by your self from the beginning to tge end.

Asking Ryu Sihyeon, master of ceremony, (Have you read book? How was it?) I wrote it personally.

▶ What are the selection criteria on the contents that are introduced in the book, and how much are you satisfied.

Fields that I was curious about and fileds that I liked. Several of them were from recommendations. None of them was produced unreasonably but they were naturally accomplished as if riding on a flow. The process of meeting one person after another by reading books, reading newspaper, and by introduction from someone, was the very destiny (karma) in my thought. It is difficult to be satisfied, isn't it. Because it is always wanting, I can be satisfied in next project. It was difficult to keep cut-off time for the manuscript. (Laugh)I was able to write when (the cut off time was) just around the corner… (Laugh) I know that staff who worked on the finishing job suffered a lot. I would like to give them a word of apology taking this occasion.

▶ Do you have any planning idea about next book also.

I feel that present is the point of time to agonize over the next work as an actor rather than a book. Because absent period was too long, my heart feels sorry to Family. I feel that there is mysterious attraction that working on a book gives (to me). If I happened to write a book again in next time, introducing famous places and restaurants with delicious food … I would like to make book mainly with photos containing a little amount of writing.

▶ Where was the most memorable tourist place.

Oh my, it is a difficult question. The ruins of Hwangryong Temple seems to linger in my memory the most. Although it is the place whre there is nothing at all at present, it was place where my heart became heavy and place that made me think many thoughts. It is the place that I thought 'There seems to be something I had seen', 'I have to see something visiting there again', when I thought after I came home.

▶ Among your experiences in traditional culture, what is the occupation you thought that you would do it for the longest period of time.

For me, farming. I want to be a farmer.

▶ What is the reason for it?

You know how to do farming, don't you? I want to step on ground. I want to touch soil. Planting something and making it to bear fruits seems like a tremendously happy thing." If I would like to add one more in my occupation column, I like to add the 'farmer'. I wonder if the topic of today's article would be 'Becoming a farmer', It is not, is it? (laugh) I will never become a singer. When I become a farmer later on, I will sing for you. If there is not the name of actor BYJ, I think that name of writer BYJ also would not have happened.

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