Monday, August 24, 2009

[VOD] BYJ at Manager Yang's Wedding



The audio for the video below has been disabled, but the visual itself is worth watching. FYI....

source: innolife

source: byjgallery / byjfamily by SNOW

source: laki's blog (MyDaily)

배용준,10년지기 매니저 결혼식 의리 지켰다! (동영상)

From by free

[동영상] 의리파 배용준, 결혼식장에 떴다…500여 한류팬 장사진

From by 권오경

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[Vod] 오래간만 모습을 보여준 배용준

From by vento

koari영상 & SSTV 영상

From by free

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