Monday, August 24, 2009

[trans] making merry after the wedding

original in korean: style / BYJ Gallery
translated into chinese: wonchun / baidu
translated into english: cam / quilt (repost from bb's blog)

*cam: Thanks Style and wonchun for sharing!

After departing the wedding venue, BYJ treated manager Yang, Leader Mr Shin and several other staff to a second round of celebrations at Gorilla in the Kitchen.

(Style : Koreans often celebrate by drinking with friends in multiple locations. Like the saying “keep changing one’s target”. 1st round, having soju with friends, 2nd round, having beer in a different spot)

Heard they left there very late at night.

YJ had some red wine and appeared to be slightly tipsy. To see his 'younger brother' (manager Yang) settled down, his contentment and happiness pervaded the atmosphere. But when I thought about him returning to an empty house, feeling lonely at heart, my heart ….

Hoping YJ will meet his other half and settle down soon. Truly hoping that he can be happy, so we (his fans) will also feel relieved.

Congratulations to the lucky Japanese family of BYJ Gallery who rushed over there to see YJ again after hearing the news.

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