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[Trans] First Community Service Anniversary Cake… and BYJ updates

First Community Service Anniversary Cake… and BYJ updates

Original in Korean: Joon♥Yoon (KOB, #58093)
Translated into English: suehan (Quilt)

We started to have community service gatherings, called “Children’s Village”, since YJ’s birthday last summer was to correspond YJ’s desire that emphasize community service and sharing and continue the relationship with Families whom we met here, in KOB. We’re facing the first anniversary without quite realizing it.

We can say one year is a very short period compared to many days like a bird’s feathers. But we overcome many obstacles; finally we came to this far, and we couldn’t avoid saying that they were very touching moments with pride.

When we started it, we were concerned about how long we could continue to have constant gatherings, and whether we have warm caring minds enough to serve.
Actually it was true that now we’re embarrassed and even scared.

We’re in constant fear that it might damage YJ’s reputation and it might be a good start with a dull ending.

Nevertheless, we dared to do it, and now we have a result of one year in our hands.
It made us breathe with a sigh of relief with the thought, “We did a good job.”

There are some Families who had to stop due to their personal problems, and some went the other way; they hesitated quite a long time and joined much later, etc..
We had to go through many other situations, but we really appreciate KOB Families who encouraged us many ways to keep our promises.

And we sincerely show our respects and gratitude to the Families of community service gatherings who did their best and showed their efforts to keep their promises somehow even though they were busy mentally and were tired physically.

I was happy when I’ve passed the test, I was happy when my lover proposed to me, etc., and I was happy in so many ways while I was living.
But I’ve never experienced this kind of happiness before.

Come to think of it, I can feel that gratitude and love are springing up towards him because YJ is standing at the center of this special happiness and all of it has been caused by him.

So, we had a small ceremony because we couldn’t let this meaningful first anniversary just go.

First, we ordered and gave anniversary cakes to BOF families of YJ with our happiness.

We had a difficult time choosing a good bakery based on taste and looks.
But, luckily, BOF Families said with a full of smile that it tasted good, and it made us think that our concern wasn’t in vain and we’re relieved to hear that.

If possible, I’d like to share this anniversary cake with all Families, but I couldn’t find the ways to do it. I hope you all understand it.
Please send me a personal message if you want to have this anniversary cake.
I’m willing to share it with you.

We heard various news about YJ when we went to BOF to give them the anniversary cake. I would like to share it with you because Families will be happy to hear it.

It was said that he has concentrated on writing a book for about one year and traveled about 40-50 pIaces coast to coast for about one year.
Even BOF Families were so surprised to see his earnest interviews and writings.

We also heard that he wrote a book in his house most of time, finished his writings and only the design and editing are remained.
He even reviews design and editing one by one and always works.

I hope you remember that he’ll be having a press conference in our country, before he goes to Japan.

We heard that he’ll be having a press conference at the National Museum of Korea, and no one will be admitted except related officials.

So, it’ll be hard to see him at the location even if we go there to see him.

We heard that they thought about a fan meeting in various ways, but it won’t be possible due to the pIace, size, and time, etc. and those obstacles.

We also heard that they will start to work on the production of “Dream High” right after the event in Japan and the writers are working earnestly on “Drops of God” now.

So many famous wines appear, and it makes them delay their work due to the adjustment of PPL issues.

Anyway, ‘Drops of God’ comes after ‘Dream High”,
That is the order...

The concerns are how much the filming and broadcasting time that we’re waiting for can be hurried, but we heard that it looked like there won’t be any more delays because a lot of big issues have been resolved.

We heard about the concerns about Mgr Yang’s wedding while we were talking because they expect many domestic and foreign Families to come to his wedding.

BOF was in an emergency situation.
They’re worried about the accidents that might occur.
They’re worried a lot.

We told them that we’re not going to the wedding; they were really, really happy to hear that.

Mgr Yang said that he might have a stressful day even though it’s the happiest moment in his life. He also said that he’s embarrassed because he isn’t the entertainer.

I understand Famlies want to see him, even in a far distance.
But since the main people are Mgr. Yang and his bride, not Y or the entertainers who are attending the wedding, I hope we can wish them to have a beautiful wedding with happiness.

Of course, we all are grown-ups, and we know better even if I don’t mention this. It was my useless thought out of kindness.

Lastly, I want to share the picture of a part of BOF conference room with you.

So far, I’ve reported to you what I’ve done at off-line in short in a while.
Actually, there’re some more things I’ve done.
But I want to share them with you later on.^^

Dear Families~~!!
Again, I want to show our gratitude for encouraging us.
I’m Joon♥Yoon, who is having a happy life due to YJ.^^

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