Thursday, August 20, 2009

[News] About the English edition of "The Beauty of Korea"

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About the English edition of "The Beauty of Korea"

Hi Bae-sisters,

Several days ago, I've heard the news that the English edition of "the Beauty of Korea" might not be published.

I called BOF, and there was a good news and a bad news.
The good news is, they will publish the English version.
The bad news is, the publication of the English version will be - inevitably - delayed for some time.

The date of publication is not settled, and the staff told me that they might be able to answer the schedule when it gets near the end of this year.

I reminded the staff that there are many English-speaking fans who are waiting for the book, and that Korean fans are also waiting for English version so that they can present the book to their foreign friends or local libraries.

The staff asked me to "wait patiently and watch BOF proceed with their project".

I hope you not to be disappointed with the delay.
Actually, many Korean fans raised concern about the English version, and several K-sisters volunteered to join the "translation team" in case there is no English version.

So let's cheer up.
We're the Bae-sisters, aren't we? =p


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