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Becoming a Cultural icon....By Gaeulsan

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Gaeulsan posted this on the freeboard of's byjintorontoCafe.
Because BYJ attended a meeting at Korean Presidential office with rumor or unconfirmed report on internet that Korean President might visit Gosireh when he pays a formal visit to Japan, there is many rude and mean replies to the article against BYJ, mostly from anti-President people.
Gaeulsan posted timely thought in this occurence.
I am sorry to share this with overseas fans.
However, I would like you to understand what kind of treatment BYJ gets from Korean people, who never appreciate BYJ's heart and significant contribution in cultural exchange.
Becoming a cultural icon..

By Gaeulsan6/24 09
Yongjoon-nim is the icon representing Korean Culture.

Whether he himself wants or not, he has become it.

With his masterpiece drama, he let Japan know Korea anew.

To introduce well-made Korean set menu cuisine, he started a Korean restaurant called Gosireh. Having recovered from injures while filming a drama, he is going around everywhere throughout the country for past one year, to make a photo book that would inform Korean culture.

Yongjoon-nim, as I have been watching,

is a person who never makes hasty jobs no matter what he does.

He also would never make irresponsible remarks.

Highly appreciating such image, the nation give him a title of Tourism Promotional Ambassador.

And they say (BYJ) attended working level meeting (at Korean Presidential Office).

However, because of this occurrence, arrows having been aimed at mb (nickname of current Korean President) are targeting Yongjoon-nim.

That's why there is an old saying 'Do not go to where crows play'(from Korean proverb "White crane (Good people), do not go to where Black crows (Bad people) plays.")

The idea of the Presidential visit to Gosireh (some media are reporting possibility of the visit) may have been planned to take advange of Yongjoon-nim's image or may not be it.

Regarding the matter of attending the working-level meeting, there could be pouring of replies (to newspaper articles on internet) that criticize Yongjoon-nim right away.

The unfounded criticisms that have been distortedly (talked about) all the while, could also tagged out along again.

However, Yongjoon-nim will not say anything in this time also.

He will only work on things which, he considers, he has to do,

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