Sunday, May 17, 2009

[trans] May 13th, 2009, BYJ appeared in Gurye

The Hwaeomsa temple, a sanctuary for Buddhist culture with exceptional views of Nogodan peak and the Hwaeomsa gorge, showcasing a feeling of peace which has been preserved for over a housand years.

Source: Quilt by suehan

On May 13th, 2009, BYJ appeared in Gurye
(求禮, suehan: Gurye is located in Jeollanamdo).

09.05.14 11:14

As I came home from work yesterday, my wife told me that BYJ had come.
I thought she was joking.

My cousin from my mother’s side of the family is someone who dyes
with natural pigments.
BYJ went to her house to an editorial shoot.

Our family runs a restaurant near the entrance of Hwaeomsa (華嚴寺)
and only my parents who were delivering food got to see his face.

I should have left work early and done the delivery myself... Hehehe


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