Monday, May 18, 2009

[Photo] Im Seul Ong (2AM) was the child actor in YJ's old CF

source: bb's blog / snowkin on loveyongjoon / KYF's blog

One of these four boys (2AM) was actually the child actor in one of wuri yong joon's old CFs!

this young man's name is Im Seul Ong. he was talking about how he seemed destined to enter the korean entertainment business.

thinking back about the time when he had acted in a CF together with YJ, it seemed to be his fate. seems like during that time, after listening to the boy sing, wuri yong joon had said to him, "You can also become a singer."

anyway, back to the boys, there're four boys in the group 2am. other than im seul ong, the rest are jung jin-wun, jo kwon and lee chang min. read that seul ong is still a student, believe he's an engineering undergrad at daejin uni.

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