Saturday, May 16, 2009

[Photo] BYJ’s Malaysia Family (BMF) 6TH Anniversary Celebration

BYJ’s Malaysia Family (BMF) 6TH Anniversary Celebration

Theme : Beautiful You and Joon @ Korea Plaza
Venue : Korea Plaza (Menara Hap Seng, KL)
Date : 16TH May 2009 Saturday
Time : 12 noon ~

Yokee has also posted her write up on her bog:
Pls do drop by and enjoy!!

p/s: If Mae happened to read this post, pls kindly contact us, as we need your email address to be included in our BMF mailing list, in order to keep u up to date on our activities. Thank you.

Photo taken by xiaoyi


jaime said...

Dear xiaoyi,

Congratulations on a successful party. What a beautiful venue and event! I am drooling as I looked at all your BYJ pictures and goodies. You save the best for last, eh? His autograph to BMF! So happy for you ladies :)

Thanks for sharing, jaime

Jenny Thee said...

thks for all the effort and make this event so successfull too.

and also thks for sharing all the BYJ collections.


xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,
Thanks for dropping by. Yea, we had a great fun. And einna and I finally met up too. Hope one day, you could also visit us.

Do take care & aja!!

Loves, xiaoyi

xiaoyi said...

Dear Jenny,

Thank you to you all too!! Without you all, the event wouldn't be a success either. It's great to meet up again!!

Loves, xiaoyi

M said...

Dear Xiaoyi,
It's very wonderful to see all Baesisters from Malaysia. Are you in those pics? It seems our BYJ USA club's Anniversary date and your Malay family's date are quite close.
Thanks for sharing BYJ collections...

Pelangi said...

Dear All...

I'm happy and sad at the same time. Happy for the success and sad coz i'm not there to celebrate with you all... its look so grand! May our friendship last forever...

xiaoyi said...

Dear munn, thanks for dropping by. Ha ha.. i'm not in the pics above, as I was holding the camera. You are welcome too! Take care.

Loves, xiaoyi

xiaoyi said...

Dear norni,

Don't be sad... You will be back soon, and we will gather again when you are back by then. Don't worry.
Do take care and do let us know when you are coming.

Loves, xiaoyi