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[Photo] 4.5.2009 BYJ at Korean Food Promo Event

source: various sources / Quilt by Joanne

Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Inauguration of Promotional Group for Globalization of Korean Cuisine-Photo of BYJ in the Group

Yonhap News-Seoul 5/4/09 11:28

Mrs. Kim Yoonok, wife of President Lee Myeongbak, is watching a promotional video at a meeting for inauguration of Promotional Group for Globalization of Korean Cuisine, held in the morning on 4 at the Korean Chamber of Commerce.

From the second on the left side, Lee Cham, CEO of Cham Smart, BYJ, an actor, Roh Heeyoung, CEO at Hino Consulting.
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Gaeulyeoja posted this as a reply to above article on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home

[PHOTO]'Globalization of Korean Cuisine', Mrs. Kim Yoonok..encouraged YJ-nim (more photos)

At 10 today (4th) at the Korean Chamber of the press appearance of YJ-nim..^^

Before the event began, Mrs. Kim had a pleasant chat with 'Hallyu star' BYJ, who was commissioned as a priviate citizen committee member, and greeted him by saying "Thank you (for participation)". Mrs. Kim encouraged (BYJ) saying, "When I went to London some time ago (she seemed to comment at the time of G20 London Finance Summit Meeting), wife of Japn's Prime Minister told that she had been to the restaurant owned by Mr. BYJ. She looked like she liked Mr. BYJ. I appreciated your hard work in many areas."

*This is only excerpt of a newpaper article..^^

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