Monday, April 20, 2009

[trans] Shim-Shim diary from BYJ Mail Magazine

source: BYJ Mail Magazine - Extra Issue(issue date 14 April 2009)
translated by tomato99 on Quilt

Shim Shim Diary, Wednesday 4 March】
Finishing one week stay at Mr. Jun’s museum at Morioka,
it was morning of 4 March we are leaving Morioka.
Looking back whole week…

While we spent one week with Mr. Jun,
we experienced so many good things by feeling nature of Morioka
and we were able to meet Bae Yong Joon in Morioka.
One day we woke up early and visited Koiwai Ranch in snow,
visited sea of Miyako, climbed the mountain near the museum,
and also took a walk in Morioka city.

Of course, Bae Yong Joon worked passionately on creating his work.
Mr. Jun advised the best is to go out and draw what comes up in your mind
rather than sitting in front of your work and getting lost in it.

On the morning we were heading for Tokyo,
we sent our greetings to museum staff and headed for Chuson-ji.
We saw important cultural assets at Chuson-ji,
and we were able to feel depth of Japanese culture.
Also, we had matcha(ceremonial tea) for the first time,
we experienced quiet heartwarming time.

We were scheduled to get on Shinkansen at about 20 o’clock,
we had to say goodbye to Mr. Jun at Morioka station.
I believe all the staff were feeling the same...Mr. Jun had welcomed us very warmly
and Bae Yong Joon looked very sad upon parting.
Mr. Jun standing outside the Shinkansen window and
Bae Yong Joon’s greetings from Shinkansen looked like a scene from a movie
and felt so pathetic.

Mr. Jun had accepted all staff as his sons and daughters.
In middle of the night, he would visit our rooms to allow fresh air to pass,
he would prepare our meals,,, he was like a father to us.

Obviously, Mr. Jun and BYJ is more attached to each other than us.
Various articles noted that he enjoyed his ride on Shinkansen,
but there was some sadness inside Shinkansen when we departed from Morioka.

We had really good experience during our one week stay.
Thank you very much, Mr. Jun.

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