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[Captures / Trans] Cosmo Wallpaper & notes from editor

source: byjfamily / Quilt by Joanne / fuyuka's blog

Ggaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
[Cosmopolitan] I met Mr. BYJ. (From the editor..)

From the editor

I met Mr. BYJ. Although I had met numerous flutterings(Joanne: People who make your heart flutter) including actors, musicians, etc, because I was a former feature reporter, I did not somehow have any association with him. On an occasion of visiting him as the editor-in-chief to deliver congratulation and thought of thanks to him, who became our cover model, I expected his 'signature smile' and 'some courteous words of greetings'.
However, he was very much different.
"Ah, (I heard) you became a new editor-in-chief several months ago, didn't you? Congratulations." (Oh my goodness, How did (he know) that!)
"I am glad to participate in such a good project as this." (He is good mannered too!)
"No matter what they are, there has to be story to get result. Culture, history and campaign like this too. The agony is over how shall we do to be able to show (people) so that they would be convinced with more ease. I think that we actors can do such roles." ((He has) even logic and persuasive power!)

Having interest in people he meets and attitude of having significance and sense of pride in works he had chosen, I thought that (he was) the professional after all, the best professional for that matter. According to an editor who proceeded with (shooting for the pictorial), he hasn't had any single careless expression, appearance in his outfits, and conversation, during 4 hours while shooting and interview proceeded. With such a passionate participation by him, the Cosmopolitan obtained the one of the best male cover in our history. Also the proud campaign pictorial containing messages on environment. For the best, there clearly is reason for it. I surely want to say this, although it sounds superfluous.

Kim Hyeonjoo, Editor-in-Chief
Copyright (c) Cosmopolitan.

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