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[VOD] BYJ Update on April 1, 2009 (Saw BYJ at the Busan Train Station)

from KYF club / maron

[펌] 부산 열차안에서 본 배용준-공식;polaris님

From by 권오경

[펌] 부산 열차안에서 본 배용준

오늘 출근하는길에 부산역에 공안들이 깔렸더라구요.

그래서 뭔 중요한 인물이 열차 타는갑다 했는데 승무원이 욘사마 특실에

탓다고 하더라구요. 놀래서 전화하는척 하면서 동영상 촬영 몰래 하고

악수 하려고 했는데 메니져가 "배용준씨 지금 많이 피곤해서 곤란합니다." 하며 저지하더라구요.

욘사마 생각보다 얼굴 상당히 작더라구요. 검은모자에 검은 안경끼고,

독서를 계속 하고 있더라구요.

스타로 살기 참 힘들겠다싶데요~

야구카페에서 펌

출처: 배용준 월드 모리스님

Busan Train Station 부산역 (not sure is this the one)

original in korean: unknown source 2009/03/28
reposted in korean: polaris / KOB
translated into chinese: wonchon / baidu
translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog

Saw BYJ at the Busan Train Station

On my way to work this morning, I saw that the Busan train station was surrounded by security staff.

I was just thinking if some VIP or bigshot was going to board the train, and at this time, the staff told me that Yonsama was seated in the special cabin.

I was surprised, and then I made a pretense of making a phone call and tried to video-shoot him secretly, and I was thinking to try and shake his hand. But at this time, I heard his manager say, "BYJ is very tired now, please refrain from taking pictures."

Yonsama's face is smaller than I'd imagined. He was wearing a black hat, black glasses and he continued to read his book.

I'm thinking... he must be leading a tiring life being a star.

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