Thursday, April 02, 2009

[BMF-Urgent] Malaysia BYJ Family Info Update

Attention to all Malaysian BYJ Family,

Pls see the following updates from Yokee (BMF), and pls do come and join us. If you have any enquiries, you can send your email to Yokee or me. Cheers


hello everybody,

since BYJ will be 'coming' to our shores here soon via Faceshop ad, the family should be up and alive again !

in view of that, and i have spoken to the representative from FS, we hope to 'work together' in promoting both FS and BYJ ^^

in order to make a complete list of our family, i'll be updating our members data.
i'll need a little help from all of u.

please provide ur data as below :

Name : (actual name)
ID : (name used on the net, optional)
Email :
Contact No. :
Address :
When did u start being a fan : (pls state year)

** All data/info provided will be treated as confidential **

your reply will be much appreciated.

thank you !!

BYJ's Malaysia Family

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