Saturday, December 27, 2008

[News] Approximately 150 million Won was donated for children in Nepal

[Smile Project]배용준씨, meganetop에 의한 네팔 지원의 증정식이 행해졌습니다! 2008.12.25
source: byjgallery by miemi
by meganeichiba

Brief translation by Patty (thanks dear)

Approximately 150 million Won was donated for children in Nepal

Here is briefly what it said.....

He was involved in a commercial for Japanese Eye Glass Co. Megane Ichiba designed the frame, "I Wish" project.
The 'smile project', BYJ and the company agree to make donate a part of the profit from eye glass frame sale, and will send to Napal for help children.
BYJ said they are the future who will take care of the world, and he wants to see children smile.

BYJ agree to do a commercial 'Smile Project" was every "I Wish" glass sold, amount of 378 Yen will donate to 'smile project'. During last 5 months, since July, made 150 million

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bae Yong Joon, “I’m busy learning about lacquer painting and making kimjang (kimchi for the winter).” 2008.12.25 (Thurs) 19:05 Preparing a guide boo

source: Quilt by suehan

Bae Yong Joon, “I’m busy learning about lacquer painting and making kimjang (kimchi for the winter).”
2008.12.25 (Thurs) 19:05

Preparing a guide book for Korea.

Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon is learning and experiencing about Korean culture like lacquer painting and making kimjang (kimchi for the winter) to publish the picture guide book, “I Love Korea.”, which introduces Korea in the first half of next year. He will introduce the real aspect of “Korean artisanship” though this book. To introduce it correctly, he meets the artisans himself and is learning their endurances from them.

He started searching for the traditions extensively since August. From Mungyeong and Andong in Gyeongbuk, he visited Busan, Mountain Seolahk, and Buan in Jeonbuk. He met an artisan for lacquer painting for one month, and learned the secret method from an artisan for making kimjang. On Christmas Eve, he went to Park Jin Young’s concert and experienced a concert culture himself. His entourage for the trip consisted of four including his manager, an assistant camera man and a tour guide.

Several Japanese media tried to find his whereabouts when such news was reported. They found locations, but couldn’t take pictures. His management company set a very high price for the cost of “I Love Korea” due to the fact that he will be introducing Korea all over the world as a Hallyu star.

Segyeilbo, Reporter Park Jonghyeon. (

[Extracted News Trans]The sales amount of the ‘Yonsama calendar’ only is ...

source: Quilt by suehan

The sales amount of the ‘Yonsama calendar’ only is 178 million 590 thousand Yen (about 2 billion 500 million Won) at least.


There is more surprising news abroad. BYJ calendars that can’t be seen domestically are popular in Japan. Minimum of fifty thousand of wall calendars and thirty thousand of desk calendars are sold in Japan

The price of each wall calendar is 2,625 Yen and the desk calendar is 1,575 Yen, so the sales amount of the ‘Yonsama calendar’ only is 178 million 590 thousand Yen (about 2 billion 500 million Won) at least. According to the personnel of BYJ’s management company, “Japanese fans regard calendars as bromides that can be looked at throughout the year.”



[Photo] Shin Han Financial Bank Forex Counter

source: fuyuka's blog

[Comic] by koshuka

[Photo] Undisclosed TSG Screen Shots - Also exhibited in Yokohama

source: KOB & JOB Gallery

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[Photo] 2009 Joon Bear & Calendar Holder

2009 joon 베어 캘린더~~한복이 매우 사랑스럽습니다^^
source: byjfan by kaorin

[VOD] The Face Shop Intro - Real Time 22.12.08

「THE FACE SHOP」が紹介されました!(NEWS リアルタイム 2008.12.22)

source: flare's blog

[VOD] 22.12.08 BYJ Festival & SJS Japan Visit SP CM Spot

[VOD]배용준-2008.12.22ヨン様祭り &ソ・ジソブ来日密着SP Spot
source: makishi's Toy Box

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[Trans] BYJ Manager Yang's Blog (41) Concert Postscript

BYJ Mgr’s Blog (41) Concert Postscript
source: byjgallery by tomato99
source: BYJ Mobile Official Site

BYJ Manager’s Blog

Concert Postscript

22 December 2008

by: Manager Yang Geun Hwan

Japanese to English: tomato99

Dear family, annyong hasaeyo.
This is Yang Geun Hwan.

Did you all enjoy Bae Yong Joon’s surprise live broadcast at the concert?

As we were getting ready for the satellite broadcasting, Bae Yong Joon and I were getting excited and looking forward to meeting all family after a long time.

I was really happy to see everyone’s faces filled with enjoyment.

Korea and Japan, although we may be at different places, we think we are always together with family.

I hope your feelings are the same.

And through this concert, I think we were able to realize warmth and sadness that we are always in our hearts even though we are far away in distance.

We were able to spend such emotional and happy time, thanks to all family who are always with us.

I sincerely send my appreciations.

We have already sent early Christmas message at the concert, but again,

I hope everyone create memorable plans and spend happy time at Christmas in few days.














[New Photo] BYJ updates 19.12.08

from yuri's blog(2008.12.20.11:32pm)



Yesterday, a bae family friend sent me a news from Seoul
Today (Dec 19) I went to Gorilla for lunch by chance, and saw some Korean family there, I thought what happened? Heard that YJ went to Gorilla alone. After a while, YJ came out from the main entrance, then, there's abt more than 10 Japanese family waiting for him. I thought YJ will just left after boarding the car, but he turned back to Gorilla again, he went up to the 2nd floor by lift. Don't know whether will the Bae family there meet envy^^
YJ's skin is very fair and he's handsome.


[NewPhoto]용준님 레어 사진들

From by style

source - happiebb's blog/baidu

bb님이 baidu에서 가져오셨는데 K-Blog 头の中のベ・ヨンジュン가 원출처로 보임.(yasai님 캡쳐)

의류공장(아틀리에)같이 보이는데 패션디자이너 이상봉과 함께.(19일 밤)

머리를 스카파 촬영하며 약간 잘라 다듬은것으로 보임.의상은 요코하마 이벤트 생중계영상

코트와 같음.


saw these on baidu. apparently these pics were reposted from K-Blog 头の中のベ・ヨンジュン...

can't be exactly sure where he was, but the place sure looks like some garment factory or something.

[SCAN]Hallyu Fan (韓流ファン) vol. 8

[SCAN]Hallyu Fan (韓流ファン) vol. 8
source: byjgallery by arayo