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[ Scan] e2 Days - Jan 2009 Edition

[scan]e2 Days 1月号-- 스카파! 배용준 축제

from " e2 Days 2009 January vol.42 "


source: byjgallery by josefine

Thursday, December 18, 2008

[Photo] 아날도 바시니(arnaldo bassini) H.P

[Photo]아날도 바시니(arnaldo bassini) H.P 팝업 창 배용준님 사진

From by style

captured by byjgallery style

BYJ Updates on 17.12.08 YJ filming for Arnaldo Bassini CF

12/17 勇俊拍攝Arnaldo Bassini廣告的消息
12/17 용준님 아놀드 바시니 촬영소식]
source: byjgallery by 권오경

어제 용준님은 낮12시 30분 Sheraton Walkerhill
Aston House 호텔리어 촬영지였던 애스톤 하우스에 도착해 아놀드바시니 새 신사복CF 카탈로그를 촬영하셨습니다.
용준님의상은 올 블랙 수트에 블랙 선글라스.
아주 멋진 모습이었습니다.
촬영은 밤늦게까지 이어져 밤 10시 50분에 용준님은 촬영을 마치고 애스톤하우스를 떠나셨습니다.
남아 있던 팬들은 15명정도였는데 용준님은 팬들을 위해 잘보이도록 마이바흐의 실내등을 켜고 웃으며,손을 흔들어주고 떠나셨습니다.블랙수트에 블랙선글라스,블랙 hat(챙있는 모자)차림이셨습니다.
을 흔들어주고 떠나셨습니다.
블랙수트에 블랙선글라스,블랙 hat(챙있는 모자)차림이셨습니다.

Korean to Chinese: Wenny from byjfamily
Chinese to English: Xiaoyi
Brief translation:
Yesterday, YJ arrived at the Sheraton Walkerhill Aston House Hotelier (MBC TV Series) locations at ard 12:30, shooting for the catalog of the new menswear Arnaldo Bassini CF.
He was wearing a black suit, and black sunglasses,
Looks very handsome!

The photographing continued until quite late in the night.
At ard 10:50om, YJ then only left Aston House.

There's abt 15 family left waiting for him there
In order to let the family see him more clearly,
YJ switched on the light in in Maybach
He waved and then left.
During that time, he was in black suit, black sunglasses and black hat.

[Photo] Namdaemun Market blowing to Hallyu Heat Wave

source: innolife

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