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[Scan / Captures] arnaldo bassini 2009 s/s press con on 9.12

Re:[capture](주)형지어패럴 아놀드바시니 2009 .12.9 S/S 론칭쇼

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[capture](주)형지어패럴 아놀드바시니 2009 .12.9 S/S 론칭쇼

captured by BYJ Gallery style :

[capture]중앙일보 전면지면광고- (주)형지어패럴 아놀드바시니 2009 S/S 론칭쇼

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(주)형지어패럴 아놀드바시니 2009 S/S 론칭쇼
남성캐쥬얼 아날도바시니 탄생 기념

(주)형지어패럴이 2008년 12월 9일(화)에 arnaldo bassini 2009 S/S 론칭쇼를 한다.

장소는 홍은동에 위치한 그랜드 힐튼 호텔 컨벤션 센터 4층이며 자세한 사항은 홈페이지 (를 참조하면 된다.

문의사항 02-3498-6643

[SCAN&Photo]12/5 오늘 조선일보 배용준 아놀드바시니 론칭쇼 전면 광고

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[SCAN&Photo]12/5 조선일보 배용준 아놀드바시니 론칭쇼 전면 광고

사진및 스캔 - 스타일 (Photos&Scanned by Style): from Chosun Daily Newspaper 2008.12.5

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[Captures] Gosireh (Tokyo) December Events

source: Gosireh
日译中 (Japanese to Chinese):SNOW

1. 12月活動(12月1日-12月25日) December Event (1/12 - 25/12)
2. 12月16日(星期二)特別活動 Special Event : 16/12 Tuesday
3. 聖誕活動(只限於12月24日,25日) Christmas Event (Only on 24/12 & 25/12)

【12月活動】December Activities
1.Period: (1/12 - 25/12)
I. Customers Letters to BYJ
Gosireh will prepare a mailbox, once the letters are being collected, they will pass to BYJ.
II.Exhibit the best photos in 2008
我們員工將選出2008年在高矢禮展覽過的裴勇俊映像中最佳的8張照片,再次作展覽。(注意:禁止拍攝展覽品的照片)Our staff will choose 8 best photos that have been exhibited previously in Gosireh, and we will re-exhibit them again. (Reminder: No photo taking of these photos)
至今為止在高矢禮上映的裴勇俊映像中選出名鏡頭做成digest版本(約7分鐘),在高矢禮上映。(營業時間)Clips of VODS that was shown in Gosireh will be chosen and edited into a digest format (abt 7 mins), and it will be shown during business hours.
IV. 3只巨人勇俊熊 3 joon bears
During this period, we have prepared the joon bears of TWSSG, APril Snow and WLS photographing area.

【12月16日(星期二)特別活動】 Special Event : 16/12 Tuesday
1. 期間:2008年12月16日(星期二)(17;00-19;30)
Period: 16/12 Tuesday (17:00 - 19:30)
2. 內容:將舉辦電影「四月雪」主題歌演唱者禹成旻先生的簽名會。
Content: April Snow's OST Title Theme singer Woo Sung-Min autograph session.

【聖誕節活動(12月24日、25日)】Christmas Event (Only on 24/12 & 25/12)
展覽裴勇俊的手印和足跡(限定於12月24日、25日)Exhibition of BYJ's handprints and foot prints
1. 期間:2008年12月24日、25日兩天
Period: Only on 24/12 & 25/12
2. 內容:作為聖誕節活動,將展覽今年6月裴勇俊訪問日本時,制作的手印和足跡,足跡是首次公開,請給予期待......
Content: As a Christmas event, we will exhibit the handprints and footprints of YJ that he created during his visit to Japan in June. This is the first time for us to reveal footprints.
(Reminder: No photo taking of these photos)

[Comic] by koshuka

source: posoku's blog

[BOF Notice] In response to some questions about 'You are my everything'

Re:[Photo]강요환 KANG YO HWAN

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source - happiebb's blog/by mariko,makicchi


Greetings BYJ family members,
Christmas is coming to all over the street.
We hope every family member have exciting and meaningful plans at the end of the year.

By the way many family members sent us questions about the new BGM 'You are my every
thing', so we would like to give you more details about the song on the notice.

This song is sung by Kang Yohwan who is an actor and singer, and he makes a present of
this song to BYJ and BYJ family members. Kang Yohwan wrote the lyric reflected BYJ's
appreciation and love to family members. Furthermore he is also the singer of 'The day you
come to me', 'Hotelier OST' in which BYJ acted, so this gift song seems more special and
meaningful to everyone.

Kang Yohwan plans to act in the Drama, 'Cain and Abel'; we hope Kang Yohwan show great
performance as an actor in 2009. We appreciate his gift song and kindly ask you to give him
warm concern and support.

We are happy to see family members pleased at the music. Thanks.

Best regards,

[Photo] Yong Joon hand marked mug On Sale

source: byjgallery by azuna

'욘사마' 손길 느끼고파, 배용준 손자국 머그컵까지 출시

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