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[News Trans]BYJ is the model of men’s apparel ‘Arnaldo Bassini’

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[Bae Yong Joon is the model of men’s apparel ‘Arnaldo Bassini’]
2008-11-24 20:14

(Seoul=Associated Press) Reporter, Han Meehee

Hyeongji Apparel will be launching men’s apparel, an Italian clothing brand ‘Arnaldo Bassini’, said on the 24th of November that the actor Bae Yong Joon was selected as their exclusive model.

Staff of the company said, “The demands for business casual clothes are growing and our brand will be settling as the brand that would be able to satisfy men’s will to express themselves, and they explained the reason to have selected him by saying, “Bae Yong Joon is an actor that words can’t explain him and the way he represents the men of this era.”

Men’s apparel, Arnaldo Bassini is the daily casual clothes targeting the men in their early thirties and forties. The Launching show and the CF filming will be processed next month and it will be in stores next year.

Suehan: The address of Hyeongji Apparel is

[Trans]Hyeongji Apparel made a contract with BYJ to become the model of Arnaldo Bassini.

Original reposted in Korean: coffeesarang/byjintoronto
Translated into English: suehan/byjintoronto

[Hyeongji Apparel made a contract with BYJ to become the model of Arnaldo Bassini.]

2008. 10.10

at a breakfast meeting for Federation of Gangnam Industries

The speech of Choi, Byeongoh, the CEO of Hyeongji Apparel

The speakers usually talk about theories, but he talked about basic respect and care
among humans and philosophies of sharing business managements. I respect him.
He said that he has been paying everything in cash because he had filed for bankruptcy
when he was young.

He said that last year’s revenue was over 400 billion Won and 550 billion Won was reached this year.
He also said that there are over 900 distributors throughout the country and his goal by 2011 is 1 trillion Won.

A few days ago, men’s casual, Arnaldo Bassini targeting middle ages and affordable
price men’s clothing, New Man were launched at the same time and the contract was
signed with Bae Yong Joon as the model for Aranaldo Bassini for 3 years, 9 hundred million Won.

He said that BYJ probably could get paid 1.5 billion Won for 3 years with other companies,
but the industries’ beliefs that resulted from the contract with Bae Jong Ok and Song Yun Ah
for minimum of 10 years made his contract effective.

He is a high school graduate and started his business in his mid thirties in Dongdaemun Market,
but he showed remarkable leadership compare to those who have doctors’ degrees in
business administration

CEO Choi said that he still doesn’t play golf and he has set a goal to play golf when the revenue
reaches over 5,500 billion Won.

I felt his humbleness and personality from every word out of his speech.

[Trans] KEJ Vol. 59 / It's Korea; Vol. 10

original in japanese: It’s Koreal Vol.10 p.27
translated into english: sweet sister / bb's blog

YJ Loves Ramen

We stormed the Shibuya ramen restaurant that BYJ dined at
during his Japan visit in June!
What did that ramen that YJ polished off in the middle of the night taste like?

“Today was amazing!
We had more than 70 guests whom we think were BYJ fans!”

The handsome restaurant manager told us that as he moved about busily.
This is the Men no Bou Toride pig bone broth ramen restaurant
that suddenly became known for YJ’s visit.
The restaurant manager trained at Kyushu’s Ippudo
and in October 2001 opened this restaurant in Shibuya.
It is now a popular restaurant amongst people in the know.

YJ visited the restaurant at midnight and stayed for about two hours.
Because YJ visited the restaurant in the middle of the night,
we felt it was our chance to ask rather personal questions about YJ!

First, we asked where YJ sat
and then we were led to a table that could seat 10 people.
“He sat in the seat at the back.”

During that moment,
the tension we felt as media on assignment immediately increased.
We apologize to family
but, hey, we decided to sit ourselves down at the same table!
This is what it felt like to sit in a premium seat.
It was just a chair, but we felt that we benefited a bit from it.

Now, let’s order. “Please give us the same as what YJ ate.”

To that we added bottled beer, two orders of gyoza,
rice balls (with cod roe and mayonnaise sauce)
and ramen with “seaweed and half boiled egg.”
YJ is said to have also eaten strawberry sherbet,
but since that was a seasonal dish* it was no longer available…cries.

But there were two plates of gyoza!
Even during last months article on Raitei
we came to believe that YJ can eat a considerable amount.
To endure that hard schedule, meals must be very important after all.

Now, let’s eat!

We first gave a toast to YJ with the bottled beer, happy birthday!
Next, we ate the homemade gyoza.
Because they contain no garlic,
they’re said to be popular with women and businessmen.
We can nod in approval at the flavor and how YJ polished off two plates of gyoza.
Next we picked up one rice ball which was considerable in size.
The cod roe and mayonnaise sauce in the small dish was a superb pairing.

Lastly, was the awaited ramen.
The pig bone soup which is cooked more than 20 hours has no odor,
is creamy and is full of flavor.
It contains plenty of vitamin B1, collagen, and calcium
and though it is pig bone soup, it has a refreshing aftertaste.
YJ is said to have eaten the lightly seasoned broth and the al dente noodles.

We couldn’t wait any longer!
Please tell us about YJ.

“BYJ came here on June 8.
It seems that he came here after the CM filming in Aoyama.
There was a phone call before he arrived,
asking if they 'could reserve the entire pl*ace',
but I told them that our restaurant doesn’t have such a policy
and I refused their request that first time.

After I hung up the phone, I started thinking and realized,
could BYJ be perhaps Yonsama?
But even so, we couldn’t accept reservations for private functions.
I felt a bit regretful after that.

Then it was around 12:00 at night
that 28 people thought to be staff members and associates
came to the restaurant together with BYJ.
Because there were very few customers,
I specially allowed them to reserve the restaurant for two hours only.

When BYJ was about to leave, he came to greet me in Japanese,
and said, “Oishi katta desu.” (it was delicious)

What are my impressions of BYJ?
He showed consideration toward the staff,
had a fun time talking with everyone,
and I felt a sense of familiarity toward him, more than I thought I would."

But even though he said this,
it seemed that the air flowing through that restaurant was different.
Two weeks after BYJ visited the restaurant,
20 BYJ fans began visiting the restaurant daily.

The restaurant is often asked by fans,
“Do you have a Yonsama meal?”
but unfortunately, they do not offer such a meal.
"Just as we were wondering what happened today
when more than 70 fans visited the restaurant by 6 pm.,
we realized that it was BYJ’s birthday.
What were our sales for that day? It was about 30-40,000 yen.
We’re only a ramen restaurant.”

When you look at YJ’s Gosireh and Gorilla in the Kitchen or Raitei in Kamakura,
we thought that this Men no Bou Toride would also be an expensive restaurant,
but its atmosphere reminds us of BYJ’s role as Jaeho in HWRL
when he worked in the fish market.
It really is a restaurant for the common folks.

For YJ, who has difficulty moving about freely as he wishes,
these few noisy, fun hours spent here with everyone
should have turned into a very good memory for him.
For us media on assignment, we felt as if we met a bit of the common-man YJ,
and we left the restaurant filled with warm feelings.


original in japanese: KEJ Vol. 59 p.55
scanned & posted by : miemi / byjgallery
translated into english: sweet sister / bb's blog

“This song which has beautified you will now beautify the world”

BYJ reveals singing ability in CM playing guitar!!

As the exclusive male model for The Face Shop
appearing in the fifth anniversary CM,
he shows an innocent appeal as he sings like a troubadour in a fairy tale,
The Face Shop jingle in a small hut on a grassy plain.
Tourists stopped their travels to watch BYJ film the CM
and experience first-hand the hallyu star’s popularity!!

The Face Shop, a natural cosmetics brand,
who has BYJ as its new exclusive male model displayed BYJ’s pure appeal
in “The Face Shop’s Fifth Anniversary” TV CM with its nature theme
while he played a guitar and sang to himself.
This CM was the first time that BYJ appeared on TV singing
which drew even more attention.
The CM was filmed in mid-October at a pasture in Kangwon Dong, Daegwallyeong
and will be broadcast to living rooms beginning November 8.

Shows His Natural Appeal Playing Guitar and Singing!

In this TV CM, BYJ showed off his singing ability
which had previously remained hidden.
In order to convey The Face Shop’s naturalism,
a small hut was built on a green hill in a pasture in Daegwallyeong
where he played the guitar and then sang The Face Shop jingle
to convey the beauty of naturalism through song.

The concept taken from the CM in which BYJ sings the jingle,
“This song which has beautified you will now beautify the world”,
will be used to emphasize the natural cosmetics
which are sold in about 7,000 outlets throughout the world.

BYJ, who has never shown us his singing ability on TV up to now,
felt awkward singing, at first,
but as filming progressed, he played the guitar without tensing up,
he sang in a natural voice and he did his very best.

The small hut in which BYJ displayed his singing
was specially constructed for filming.
The hut, constructed of wood, appeared to come out of a scene of a fairy tale.

BYJ said, “At first I was a bit worried that my singing would appear awkward,
but the atmosphere in the hut was very good so I was able to sing easily,”

“I think that this will be a memory that remains with me for a long time
because of the filming with its beautiful scenery
and the song that flows in it.”

Hallyu Star After All!

Tourists that gathered at BYJ’s filming site found it hard to leave
and with this CM filming, hallyu star BYJ’s popularity did not cool down.
While not even knowing whether the CM filming would start or not,
the tourists were there not there to see the local scenery but to see BYJ.

On this day, Japanese fans visiting the famous tourist locale, Daegwallyeong pasture,
stopped the tour bus mid-way and watched BYJ
so the tour bus could not depart the filming site.
Despite the fact that the tour bus had a schedule to keep
and depart for the next sightseeing locale,
the tourists would not board the bus
so that tour company escorts were seen requesting
that the tourists please board the tour bus.

BYJ gave his domestic and overseas fans an unforgettable memory
of a bright smile by having the camera lens focused on him
from the green pastures of Daegwallyeong.

Watching BYJ, in front of his fans who watch his every movement,
was like watching him on a private trip
as he showed himself facing the autumn sky, arms outstretched,
or as he wandered the green pasture
to match the scenic beauty of a pastoral song to end the filming.

BYJ spoke of his impressions, “Since becoming The Face Shop model,
this was my first ad filming so I was nervous and had high expectations,”

“Leaving Seoul and being able to film under a cool autumn breeze
along with refreshing air, and with green nature as the background,
I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the filming.”