Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'll be away from Nov 19 - Nov 27

Dear all,

I'll be away from Nov 19 - Nov 27, so i wouldn't be able to update my blog during this period of time. I'll be bringing my kids for vacation to Hong Kong and Macau during this period of time, so I don't think i have time or access to the internet.

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Take care everyone! I'll miss you all and YJ (definitely....)

Loves, xiaoyi

[Scan] 18.11.08 joseijishin - 2.12.08 Issue

[SCAN]韓navi!/배용준님- NINTENDO DS 한국어(한글)강사에 되다! joseijishin 11.18
source: byjgallery by miemi

[Trans] he made me a nervous wreck

source: byjgallery by style

original in japanese: Chosun Online (Japanese) 11-17-08
translated into english: sweet sister / bb's blog

“BYJ’s Morning Phone Calls
Made Me a Nervous Wreck”

Actor Ryu Seung Soo made the startling remark that
“close friend, BYJ’s (co-starred in the drama WS) morning phone calls
made him a nervous wreck.”

At the taping of the variety program Yu Jae Seok & Kim Won Hee Come to Play (MBC)
which will be broadcast on Nov 17,
Ryu Seung Soo said, “BYJ, who lives a disciplined lifestyle
would telephone me in the morning and say, let’s go exercise together”
which made me a nervous wreck.”

According to Ryu Seung Soo, “I end up feeling inferior in front of BYJ.
Unlike me in that I live an undisciplined life,
BYJ always wakes up early every morning to exercise
and also goes to sleep early at night.
So when he lectures me, “Take better control of your time”,
I can’t say anything back in response.”

Then, "BYJ said, 'Live a disciplined lifestyle.
In the mornings, let’s exercise together.'
After that, he called me a number of times in the morning,
and when I answered the phone half-asleep,
BYJ said, “Are you still asleep? Hurry and come on out”
and then began lecturing me.”

Ryu Seung Soo said, “After a few days of being scolded like that,
when his phone call came, I instantly awoke
and I wouldn’t show any kind of signs that I woke up just now,
and I became compulsive about answering his phone calls.
I think I became a nervous wreck,” he said making everyone laugh.


[Trans / Scan] 11.11 shukanjosei / joseijishin - 25/11 Issue

source: byjgallery by miemi

original in japanese: Josei Jishin 11-25-08
scanned & posted by: miemi / byjgallery
translated into english: sweet sister / bb's blog

Yonsama, “Strumming and Singing”
New “Troubadour” CM Details Revealed

In mid-October, Yonsama filmed the CM for The Face Shop.
The filming was done over a two-day period.
On the first day, filming took pl*ace at a pasture in Kangwon Dong
Daegwallyeong Pyeong-cheong-gun.
It is an area of rolling hills and also where the drama Autumn Tale was filmed.

Yonsama plays and sings “Natural Story” on an acoustic guitar in a hut.

"The following day, after he visited Jung Saem Mool,
he finished the rest of the filming at a studio in Seoul.” (newspaper reporter)

Yonsama went into the studio wearing the John Galliano coat.
After the filming ended he said, “I felt like I became a troubadour
that appears in fairy tales.
I was very worried that my singing would appear unnatural,
but the atmosphere was very good and I was able to have fun singing.”

Pre-orders are now being accepted (until Nov 30) for the photo book,
PREMIUM DAYS, Memories of 14 Days
which will go on sale February 14, 2009 at bofi, Kinokuniya, 7-11, and Lawson.

It looks to be an autumn of deeper memories between family and Yonsama

[Trans] Ltd edition 30,000 sets of WS premium DVD

original in japanese: Wowkorea 11-10-08
translated into english: sweet sister / bb's blog

Limited edition 30,000 sets of WS Premium DVD to be Sold

Winter Sonata (WS), the representative work of Korean actor, BYJ,
who was awarded the Korean Culture of Merit Medal last month on October 18,
and which captivated so many people to the hallyu boom.

On October 18, Korean actor BYJ was awarded the Korean Culture of Merit Medal
and now his representative project which captivated so many people
and started the hallyu boom,
WS, the premium DVD boxed set will be sold beginning January 21, 2009
in a limited quantity of 30,000 sets from Warner Home Videos.
(Product Name: WS Premium Box Complete with Deleted Scenes
Min Hyung Glasses Included)

The DVD will include about 200 minutes of deleted scenes
that were edited from the terrestrial broadcast in Japan and the DVD.
These deleted scenes include Jun Sang and Yujin riding a bicycle together,
the two of them asking each other their favorite colors and animals,
and the two of them as they recall memories of important scenes, etc.
An enclosed booklet gives a detailed explanation of the deleted scenes.

In addition to a digest of the original drama which contains the deleted scenes,
there is a making of and collection of NGs, interviews, for a total of 5 DVD discs.
As an original feature of this DVD boxed set,
there is a pair of “WS glasses” (Min Hyung model) produced by Megane Ichiba,
which BYJ appears in the CM for
and which the Korean broadcast station KBS has officially approved,
and a collector’s item of an original booklet, “WS”
by hallyu writer, Takahashi Naoko.

Monday, November 17, 2008

[Photo] AFPBB News - BYJ at award ceremony

검색으로 AFPBB News 용준님 문화훈장 크고 선명한 사진 찾아 캡쳐해 올려드립니다.

캡쳐 - 스타일 (captured by BYJ Gallery style)

[Photo] Gorilla during renovation 2006.3.4

[Photo]고릴라 GORILLA 오픈 하기전 공사중 사진 2006.3.4.
source: byjgallery by style

고릴라 오픈전 공사할때의 사진입니다.

그때 찍어온 큰 사진이 여러장인데 지금 못찾겠군요.참고로 몇장 해외 web에 올라왔던것 보세요.

사진 - 스타일 (Photos by BYJ Gallery style) : http://cafe.daum.net/byjgallery 2006.3.4.

[Comic] Koshuka's

source: posoku's blog

[VOD] JOB 14.11.08

ペ・ヨンジュン日本公式HP...Movie公開! (2008/11/14)
source: flare's blog

[Captures] 12/14 Special Christmas event in Yokohama

[Capture] 12/14가족과 맞이하는 크리스마스*떨어져 있어도* ☆개요☆출연자☆이벤트 판매 Goods^^*
source: byjgallery by vento

Products to be sold at the venue.

Source JOB~ / byjfamily by jessica



Sunday, November 16, 2008

(Trans and details) YJ went to a coffee shop in Haeundae Busan

Pictures posted by Style/byjgallery
Korean to Chinese by Wonchun/Baidu
Chinese to English by Lynn

[에피소드 펌]배용준의 포스
source: byjgallery by style
[펌]배용준이 타고온 차와 매니져가 타고온 차.. 가을여자 님 공식 2008.11.15 273

배용준이 타고온 차와 매니져가 타고온 차..

The above car is YJ's manager's car which he drove here.

This is the car which YJ took to come to the coffee shop. He got down from the back seat of this car. haha, I saw him! It happened suddenly, so I didn't see him clearly. I was so eager to run into him, but managed to control myself.

This is the coffee shop which YJ had been to. It is near the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae Busan. This coffee shop is located on the first floor , near the ocean beach.

The owner of the coffee shop is really nice. I asked him about YJ and he told me that YJ did come to his shop last week.

I asked the permission for me to take some pictures of his shop. The owner allow me to do so happily and asked me to post them on the webs.

The owner told me that at first YJ was sitting right in front of the ocean and there were ten people coming with him.

I asked the owner what kind of coffee YJ had. He said they bought hot chocolate and latte, so he was not sure which one YJ took.

And also the owner told me that all the ten people were male and YJ was the only actor among them.

This is the table which YJ used.

This is YJ's autograph to the owner of the coffee shop (Obviously the person who took the pic forgot to change the date system in his camera).

When I hold this picture, I can feel YJ, haha.

The owner wanted me to promote his shop and I told him that he will expect a lot of YJ's fans from now on. And the picture of his coffee shop will be spreaded around all over the Bae world.

The owner said when YJ was having his coffee, he was very quiet facing the ocean. He had both coffee and ice cream.

All the baesisters, if you get a chance to visit the coffee shop, the owner will be more than happy to show YJ's autograph to you.

The owner also said that YJ was wearing a hat at first and then his face could be seen clearly. After a while, he changed his seat and sit there with all his face covered.

The person in the middle of the picture whose face was covered by a scarf and hat is Wuri YJ!

[SCAN] Korean Entertainment Journal 059

Source BYJ Gallery~ by arayo