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[Scan] Newspaper Report on BYJ at Cultural Award

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[VOD] 2008.10.18 BYJ

[직캠]2008.1018の배용준 BYJ - yasai21님
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

[Trans] Key East Advance to Sailing and recreation business

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Key East has signed a contract with "Hyundai",a company manufactures sailing boats on Oct. 20, 2008.

The content of the contract is: Both two parties utilize their own strengths to collaborate in the business of entertainment at Sea. "Hyundai" is in charge of the manufacture of those sailing boats and facilities whereas KeyEast is in charge of its marketing.

Key East:" We have some well-known artists like BYJ, SJS and LNY. with whose influence, we expect a good market in both domestic and overseas and which will also be good to the export business. We are looking forward to it."

"Modern Sailing" has businesses with some other extraodinary Sailing boat design and manufacture enterprises in Australia and New Zealand. In the meanwhile, "Modern Sailing" itself is a pioneer in the sailing and recreation business.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[VOD] 18.10.08 BYJ attending wedding and the award ceremony - Part 3

[VOD] 10.22 SBS TV/ the Korean Wave Star BYJ( The Cultural Awards)
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[Vod]10/18 욘사마 보고왔다!!!감상기
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[Vod]AFP BBNews-배용준님 한류스타로서 처음으로 문화 훈장을 수상!
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[Vod]10/21 KBS 생방송 스타매거진(여유만만) - 문화훈장 받은 세기의 스타 배용준
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20.10 supernews
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[Vod]10/21 MBC생방송 연예플러스(기분 좋은날) - 용준님 영상과 결혼식
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[VOD] M-net 이슈 메이커 한류스타 배용준
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[YTN STAR VOD]배용준, 문화 훈장 수상하러 헬기 타고 이동
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[article] Wine: Silver Oak rises again; Opus One in Japanese comic

Wine: Silver Oak rises again; Opus One in Japanese comic
Monday, October 20, 2008

Cabernet sauvignon specialist Silver Oak Cellars has reopened its Oakville facility after a year and a half of reconstruction. A February 2006 fire destroyed several buildings and 15 years of library vintages and gave the Duncan family a chance to lift the winery a few feet above potential flooding, which last inundated Silver Oak a couple of months before the fire.

“Though the fire was devastating, it presented us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said President David Duncan.

General contractor Cello & Maudru of Napa had the new winery ready for grapes on Sept. 1, and the rest of it was operational by the end of that month. The new winery includes reclaimed redwood and a century-old limestone block from Kansas, solar power and extensive “daylighting” via skylights.

In late 2006 the Duncans acquired the Roshambo winery in Sonoma County to produce the 2007 vintage during construction. Silver Oak continues to make about 30,000 cases annually of its Napa Valley cab. A Silver Oak winery in Geyserville makes 70,000 cases of Alexander Valley cab, and the Twomey Cellars pinot noir brand makes more than 10,000 cases a year.


For the next several months, another high-value vintner in Oakville, Opus One, will be building a 14,000-square-foot steel-and-concrete shop for farming the exclusive Oakville winery’s 150 acres of vineyards.

Started in the late 1970s as a venture between Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Opus One had shared vineyard operations facilities with the Mondavi winery. However, after Constellation Brands’ acquisition of Robert Mondavi Corp. in 2005, Opus One has been striving to be more independent, according to Opus One spokesman Roger Asleson.

Meanwhile, the brand was among about a dozen top wines mentioned so far in a Japanese serial comic, or “manga,” that has been propelling wine sales in that country and elsewhere in Asia.

The winery’s 2000 vintage was noted in volume 1 of “Kami no Shizuku” (“Drops of the Gods”). About a half-million Japanese weekly read the quest of manga character Shizuku Kanzaki to travel the world to find 12 superb wines before his adopted brother inherits their late father’s collection of rare wines. Wine terms, concepts and experiential descriptions have been introducing Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore to fine wine, prompting shortages and price increases for wines mentioned.

Asia’s in-demand movie star, Bae Yong Joon of Korea, has agreed to star in a silver-screen adaptation.

Opus One has not noted an increase in sales in Japan since the mention because the country is one of the winery’s three strongest markets outside of the U.S., according to Mr. Asleson. About a quarter of the winery’s production is exported.

Japan has been a strong market for Opus One for eight years, and the Korean market has been growing for two years as restaurateurs and distributors have come to understand wine, according to Mr. Asleson.

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[Photo] 18.10.08 BYJ receiving the cultural award & attending the wedding - Part 4

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[AFP BB photo News]용준님, 한류스타로서 영예 있는 문화 훈장을 수상
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[News] Bae Receives National Order of Culture Merit

Bae Receives National Order of Culture Merit

Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, right, smiles for his fans after receiving the government's Hwa-Gwan Order of Culture Merit for his contribution to promoting Korean popular culture abroad. Left is Culture Minister Yu In-chon, who presented the award at a ceremony held Saturday to mark 2008 Culture Day. / Yonhap

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Hallyu (Korean wave) star Bae Yong-joon has been given the Hwa-Gwan Order of Culture Merit by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at an event celebrating the 2008 Culture Day.

``I will further think about my roles as an actor and celebrity. I will also do my best to promote Korea in the future. I thank everyone here and abroad who allowed me to stand here on this honorable stage,'' he said after receiving the merit at a ceremony held at the Cheongju Arts Center, North Chungcheong Province Saturday. This is the first time an actor has been given the honor, which is divided into five categories, Geum-Gwan, Eun-Gwan, Bo-Gwan, Og-Gwan and Hwa-Gwan.

Having such a tight schedule, the actor arrived by helicopter, rushing through some 400 Japanese fans who have been waiting for him in front of the arts center prior to the event.

Bae, 35, was given the honor as he has continuously devoted his work and himself to promote Korean culture to the world through dramas, his restaurant business and other cultural activities.

His drama ``Winter Sonata (2002), in which he starred with another top star Choi Ji-woo, was a great success and was aired in more than 20 countries, catapulting him to become one of Korea's most successful actors. His other works include drama ``Taewangsasingi'' (The Four Guardian Gods of the King) (2007) and movie ``April Snow'' (2005). Bae also launched a Korean traditional restaurant ``Gosireh'' in Tokyo in 2006, along with introducing Korean kimchi ``Gosireh Cabbage Kimchi'' to Japan through supermarkets and department stores.

Bae recently became the nation's goodwill ambassador in a bid to bring more than 10 million tourists here and also take Korean tourism to the next level.

The actor also visited Munkyeong, North Gyeongsang Province and other cultural cities to research and further work on a Korean guide book he is planning to publish soon.

Along with Bae, designer Andre Kim and singer Jang Na-ra were also present at the ceremony to receive the Bo-Gwan Order of Culture Merit and Today's Young Artist Award, respectively.

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[VOD] 18.10.08 BYJ attending wedding and the award ceremony - Part 2

[Vod]10/20 오늘 아침 생방송 좋은아침 - 동에번쩍 서에 번쩍,배용준 홍길동 되다! (공식 불펌)
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[VOD]배용준-2008.10.20mezamashi&Radical문화훈장 영상
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[연예수첩] 배용준, 화관 문화훈장 영예
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[고뉴스Vod]배용준 대한민국 홍보대사 위촉 - ‘문화훈장’ 배용준 “한국 알리기, 최선 다 할래”
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문화의 날 문화훈장 시상식

[vod]한류 스타 배용준이 한국 정부에서 문화훈장을 수여되었다 -일본 보도 사이트의 동영상과 사진-
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[직캠 VOD] 배용준 문화훈장 수훈2 (08.10.18)
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[직캠 VOD] 배용준 문화훈장 수훈1 (08.10.18)
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[VOD] innolife 배용준 문화 훈장 수상
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[직캠 VOD] 배용준님 문화훈장 서훈식 퇴장중--길이 열리지 않아요 ^^
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[직캠 VOD] 문화훈장 수훈의 순간을 기다리며
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배용준,장나라,앙드레김 청주 방문 ... 0&folder_part=3

[Photo] 18.10.08 BYJ receiving the cultural award - Part 3

[Brokore 사진 뉴스]배용준, 문화 훈장 수상에 만면의 미소
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