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(Trans) How BYJ will spend his "Chuseok" holiday?

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2008.09.11 21:05
By:柳勤元(류근원 기자)
Korean to Chinese:wonchun /Baidu
Chinese to English by Lynn (Quilt)

BYJ will spend a very leisure "Chooseok" holiday with his family.

It will be "Chooseok"this weekend. Although it will only be a 3-day holiday, a lot of celebrities will spend it either through bustling work or by a more leisure way.

Hallyu Star Bae Yong Joon will have a very nice and harmonious holiday with his family. Due to the filming of TWSSG, he didn't enjoy the "Chooseok" holiday last year, so this year, he will spend it with his parents at home. According to his management company, BYJ will have no special plan for this holiday. He likes to play with his nephews who are in primary school now and also he will buy some toys as gifts for them.

After "Chooseok", BYJ will begin his journey to explore "the Beauty of Korea". A while ago, he mentioned in his official website that he would like to publish a travel book to present the beautiful sceneries of Korea which has been a long time idea of him. In this journey, he will bring his cameras through which he hopes he can present the "Beauty of Korea" to all of us.

톱스타, 추석연휴 어떻게 보내나
[스포츠월드]2008.09.11 (목) 21:05

배용준, 모처럼 달콤한 휴식…
연휴 후 국내여행 계획민족의 대명절인 한가위가 이틀 앞으로 성큼 다가왔다. 올해는 사흘밖에 안되는 짧은 추석 연휴이지만 연예계 톱스타들도 저마다의 바쁜 일정을 소화해내야하거나 모처럼 달콤한 여유를 만끽할 예정이다. SW는 스타 연예인들이 올 추석 연휴를 어떻게 보내는지 들어봤다.


한류스타 배용준은 이번 한가위에 달콤한 휴식을 보낼수 있게 되었다. 배용준은 지난해 드라마 ‘태왕사신기’ 촬영으로 인해 추석연휴를 반납했지만 이번에는 본가에서 부모님과 추석을 보낼 예정이다. 배용준 측은 “이번 추석에는 특별한 일정이 없어 본가에서 추석을 지낼 예정이다. 배용준씨가 워낙에 초등학생 조카들을 예뻐해서 함께 놀아주고 장난감도 사줄 예정이다”라고 말했다.

그는 추석이후 휴식기를 통해 국내의 아름다운 곳을 찾아 여행을 떠날 것으로 보인다. 그는 얼마전 자신의 홈페이지를 통해 한국을 소개하는 여행가이드 북을 겸한 화보집을 준비 중임을 밝힌바 있다. 배용준은 “한국의 아름다움을 소개하고 싶은 생각이 오래 전부터 들었다. 카메라를 들고 여행을 시작하면 어떨까 하는 생각이 들었고 나의 사진을 통해 조금이나마 한국의 아름다움을 소개하는 책을 내고 싶다는 마음을 가지게 됐다”고 밝혔다.

스포츠월드 류근원 기자

[BOF Notice] Many Thanks for your advice about 'the Beauty of Korea

Many Thanks for your advice about 'the Beauty of Korea

Greetings BYJ family members,

Thanks to you, we have gathered a lot of good ideas about 'the Beauty of Korea' during the
last three weeks.
We appreciate your sincere interest and precious opinions.
We will do our best to closely reflect BYJ's thoughts and your ideas in the book.
Thanks again and we promise to greet you with a memorable book next time.

Best wishes,


[News] Cartoon character from Kami no Shizuku drives up wine sales in Japan


Cartoon character from Kami no Shizuku drives up wine sales in Japan

A handsome Japanese cartoon character has sent sales of wine soaring in Tokyo as fans endeavour to mirror their hero's quest to discover the world's finest vintages.

By Jessica Salter
Last Updated: 5:46PM BST 11 Sep 2008

Shizuku Kanzaki was sent on his mission by a request in his father's will. Shizuku Kanzaki's adventures in the comic Kami no Shizuku lead him to sample different bottles in every copy and the featured wines regularly become overnight hits, in some cases tripling sales.

The character was sent on his mission by a request in his father's will. Once he tracks down the "Twelve Apostles" he will be rewarded with keys to his father's wine cellar, which because the man was a great wine critic, is a valuable prize.

The comic is read by 500,000 Japanese each week and his sway over the wine market is spreading throughout Asia. Some wine importers say they have never seen such a powerful single influence on their business.

In Taiwan a single reference to a relatively obscure French terroir led to dozens of cases of the wine being sold within a few days.

He has also influenced the South Korean market, where translations of the comic have boosted sales of wine from less than a third of the market to around 70 per cent of alcohol sales.

The cartoon is the creation of a brother and sister team in Japan, who use the pseudonym Tadshi Agi. South Korean film star Bae Yong Joon is considering playing the lead in a film about Shizuku's adventures.

[Captures] Innolife

source: yuri's blog

[Captures] KOB Gallery - Viliv


[Photo] Gosireh Hwa (Nagoya) Opened on 10.9.08

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[BOF Notice] Greetings from BOF on Chuseok

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Greetings BYJ family members,

Chuseok, a major festive holiday, is coming to Korea on the 15th of August of the lunar calendar.

During Chuseok, Korean people celebrate a good harvest by gathering with family members in their hometowns like the American Thanksgiving Day.

We hope all BYJ family members from all over the world can experience the abundance this autumn.

We appreciate your kind concerns about BYJ’s activities.

Have joyful and happy autumn days~!

Best Wishes,


[News] Cartoon wine critic Shizuku Kanzaki boosts Japanese sales

The Times
September 11, 2008
by Leo Lewis in Tokyo

Cartoon wine critic Shizuku Kanzaki boosts Japanese sales

The comic character Kami no Shizuku, who has provoked a glut of wine-buying in Japan

Entire 20,000-bottle shipments of burgundy sell out within hours in Tokyo if he so much as looks at a glass, South Korea's biggest film star is lined-up to play him in a TV drama and he has converted thousands of Asian women into the most discerning oenophiles.

In the rarefied world of superstar sommeliers, there may be none greater than Shizuku Kanzaki. The only snag is that he is a cartoon.

Despite his two-dimensional limitations, the hero of Kami no Shizuku (The drops of the gods) has emerged as an extraordinarily potent mover of Asian wine markets — far more so, say some in the industry, than flesh-and-blood wine critics.

The sales records of Japan's largest wine merchants have been smashed because, in a single frame of comic, the hero has uttered a dreamy sigh over a 2006 New Zealand Riesling or closed his eyes in appreciation of a Saint-Aubin Premier Cru.

Shizuku's adventures are read by about 500,000 Japanese each week and book collections of the comics have sold millions of copies. Wines that feature in his weekly manga activities regularly become overnight hits, particularly for Japan's frenetic online wine markets.

In Taiwan a single reference to a relatively obscure French terroir shifted dozens of cases of the stuff within a few days.

He has sent the prices of some vintages soaring and, in some cases, tripled sales of particular wines. Some wine importers in Japan say they have never encountered such a powerful single influence on their business.

Shizuku's quest for the world's 12 greatest wines has served to push Japanese wine drinkers towards a more sophisticated, complex experience. Sommelier courses for Japanese women are fully booked.

Yukie Bunya, the chief wine buyer for All Nippon Airways, told The Times that she has had to recraft the in-flight wine lists to accommodate a new generation of wine snobs.

In South Korea, meanwhile, translations of his adventures are believed to have triggered a wine boom, making it a serious competitor for beer and local rice-based spirits.

For many off-licence stores in Seoul, Kami no Shizuku has dramatically altered their business. Where once wine represented less than a third of sales, in some shops it now accounts for 70 or 80 per cent. The boom is expected to go even farther now that Bae Yong Joon — a South Korean heartthrob — is said to be considering portraying Shizuku in a film.

The comic is the creation of a brother and sister team in Japan, who use the pseudonym Tadashi Agi. It follows the continuing quest of Shizuku to track down the “Twelve Apostles” — a collection of wines described by our hero's father in his will.

Each week various wines are tasted and their backgrounds woven into the plot. The prize at the end of Shizuku's quest is the key to his father's wine cellar, which, because the man was a great wine critic, is a truly magnificent treasure trove.

His search is not without rivalry, however. Shizuku's journey into viticulture and oenophilia is dogged by Toomine Itsusei, himself a celebrated, and entirely fictional, wine critic who also has his heart set on getting hold of that cellar.


[VOD] 2008.09.10 TWSSG 2008 Premium Event in Japan DVD

[bofi] 2008.09.10 「태왕사신기Premium Event 2008 in JAPAN」DVDdigest동영상
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[Scan / Trans] joseijishin 9.9.08 (23.9.08 Issue)

original in japanese: Josei Jishin 9-23-08 p.48
translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog

Yonsama, Studying at Wine Shop
for Next Project, Kami no Shizuku!?

Recently, Yonsama has been stopping by his favorite cafe
whenever he finds the time in his schedule. (Korean newspaper reporter)

On Tuesday, September 2, past noon,
Yonsama visited that cafe.

He was at that cafe with his office staff
talking for more than three and a half hours.

He is recovering nicely from the surgery due to the injury
and he was no longer wearing the sling. (staff member)

On his way home, he greeted waiting fans with a smile.
He did this to show them that he is doing well physically.

On the following day, September 3, he visited the beauty salon, Jung Saem Mool,
as part of his regular routine.
In preparation for his next project, Yonsama appears to be continuing his meetings
and exercise program.

He is expected to appear in the drama version of Kami no Shizuku with its wine theme,
and is he already preparing for the role?
We have received this news!

He often frequents a wine shop in Cheongdam Dong.
He buys the wines after he taste tests them.
He seems to like the red wines most of all.
(separate staff member)

When we imagine Yonsama holding a wine glass,
the image of Tomine Issei comes to mind.

He buys wine as gifts for acquaintance's birthdays
and special occasions at the same wine shop.

It seems that he is quickly devoting his energies to acting

[SCAN]韓navi!/용준님-다음 번 작품『신의 물방울』을 향해서 와인 전문점에서 맹공부중! joseijishin 9.9
용준님-다음 번 작품『신의 물방울』을 향해서 와인 전문점에서 맹공부중!

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