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[SCAN] GQ JAPAN October 2008 No 65

[SCAN]GQ JAPAN October 2008 No 65 - by laki님
*laki님이 스캔해 보내주신 GQ JAPAN 10월호 잡지 입니다.23일 발매일인데 빨리 입수하셔서 스캔해보내주셨습니다.
신간잡지라, 발매일로 부터 10일후 드래그금지,스크랩금지 해제해 드립니다.
[SCAN]GQ JAPAN October 2008 No 65
scanned by laki : BYJ Gallery / byjfan by kaorin

(Trans)BYJ:" The Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympic made me greatly moved!"

2008年8月22日 10:53

Korean to Chinese by Wonchun
Chinese to English by Lynn (Quilt)

Hallyu Star BYJ presented the four treasures of study to Zhang YIMOU, the director of the opening ceremony of Beijing Oplympic, as a gift.

on Aug. 22, BOF exposed that BOF staff personally handed over the gifts to Director Zhang in the office of Beijing Olympic committee back on Aug. 15.

BYJ also enclosed a personal letter to director Zhang, in this letter, BYJ said:"The opening ceremony has set out unexhaustible imagination and expressiveness which brought an unforgettable memory to all the people in the world. Thank you, director Zhang for the display of Asia's outstanding culture to the whole world. I am looking forward to the closing ceremony as well! It must a long course with innumerable hardships for you to prepare this ceremony. Please take good care of yourself."

The first meeting between these two was back in year 2005 when BYJ made his first visit to Beijing China. These two people had a dinner together and had a long and friendly talk.

Three years passed, just before the opening ceremony, BYJ received a surgery for the injury on his shoulder so that he could not fly to Beijing to watch the opening ceremony but only to watch it on TV.

BOF said:"Since the theme of the opening ceremony is the four treasures of Study, BYJ thought it would be perfect to present the four treasures todirector Zhang.The writing brush and ink-slab were made by two experts from the culture heritage. Paper and ink were selected by them as well."

BOF also said:" Director Zhang YIMOU felt very grateful after receiving the gifts from BYJ."

[Scan / Trans] The Weekly Diamond

Source: byjgallery by miemi

original in japanese: The Weekly Diamond
translated into english: cloudnine / bb's blog

Entertainment business anatomized:
BYJ - Talent’s ability to attract fans

Economic benefit of Yon-sama business
supported by hot and intense fans

Four years have passed since the Yon-sama boom
that had become a social phenomenon.

Even after the boom calmed down,
the fans’ support is strong and enthusiastic as ever.
We have gone into the details of Yon-sama boom
and the business models of the company supporting them.

In November 2007,
NHK started to broadcast on its hi vision channel BYJ’s latest work, TWSSG.
Due to the delay of the production,
the airing date had been put off,
but once it was announced NHK received as many as seven hundred mails
from fans to show their excitement,
saying ‘Thank you!’ or ‘I have believed in NHK.’

It was a blockbuster Korean drama
with its total production cost of more than 5 billion yen,
but as its motif was a Korean history, which is unfamiliar to Japanese,
there was even a prospect that the drama would have a trouble
with getting as much appeal as WLS.

However, ‘We have received the letters, written with brush
and telling one’s impression of each episode in details.
We haven’t had such a response from other dramas.’
says NHK’s chief producer Yukihiro Shibata
and amazed once again with 'intense' fans.

It is ‘the solid market that can expect quite stable sales’,
says Atsuko Narahara about BYJ related market,
who is the assistant managing editor of fourth editorial office of Kodansha,
the publisher of the official books of TWSSG.
The series has reached a cumulative circulation of 760,000 copies,
making a profit of 1 billion yen.

‘There are many fans who buy a series of books at the same time,
and they write to the editorial office directly to tell their favorite style of writing.
No other merchandise has such clear targets.’
reveals the assistant managing editor Narahara.

‘If they are BYJ-related goods, I want everything.’
Fans with such extra high loyalty that ‘speak out’,
have supported “Yon-sama market” constantly even after the boom.
This has brought a huge economic benefit.
The company, that has succeeded in breaking into a yet undeveloped market,
appeared one after another.

In June, 7-Eleven Japan Co. released Gosireh Bento produced by BYJ.
It is a lunch box of traditional Korean foods,
and in spite of its high-price of 2,500 yen,
it sold 110,000 boxes and this is more than double of the initial plan of production.
7-Eleven had never launched the talent-produced merchandise,
so at first they were not enthusiastic about the plan.  
However, the initially scheduled number of box were sold out during the reservation period
and they had to extend the reservation period for one more week.

Moreover, the purchasers concentrated on middle-aged or elderly ladies group,
who usually don’t visit the store
and this was just what 7-Eleven had wished to expand its customer’s market.
7-Eleven says, ‘We are considering the part two.’

In addition, cell phones made in May in collaboration with SoftBank Mobile Corp.
became a big hit and this made SoftBank increase the production 3 times,
which they experienced for the first time ever.
At the site of BYJ related concert,
several hundred phones were sold during about two hours’ reservation period.
By the way when the phones, made in collaboration with other artists,
are sold at the concert halls they usually sell at most several dozen.
Now you understand BYJ phone’s popularity.

In this connection, ‘More than half of the purchasers are over forty-five years old women,
and 30 percent of them are the customers who had not owned their cell phones before.’
says Masahiro Yoshii, the manager of Product Marketing Department of SoftBank Mobile.

No official fan club,
but fans are linked with grass-roots

BYJ is such popular yet he has no official fan club.
‘This is what he wants.
The fan club draws the clear line between members and non-members,
so he doesn’t want it.

We have presented the official home page,
which is a 'play ground' where fans can freely communicate with each other.
We administer this site to see any trouble will not occur,
with the policy to take in steadily fans’ wishes working for twenty four hours.’
says Bae Seung Woo, CEO of BOF International,
a Japan branch of BYJ’s managing company BOF.

By the way, BYJ left the former company due to the scandal of executives
and BOF was established in 2004 by BYJ together with his former manager,
and BYJ himself is one of the investors and a member of management team.
Currently BOF has many other talents and besides talent management
it expands its business to the merchandise sales and restaurant.
This kind of company is quite rare even in Korea.

The official board of his site has a system, in order to avoid 'troll or vandalism',
that a member registers with her name and address
and without the ID number sent by mail one can not read it or post to it.
The registration fee payment is left to each member’s discretion.

‘In each local area fans started a lot of circles of their own,
and they are often sources of information.
Actually it is more like that BOF and fans jointly administer the official board.’
(by CEO Bae)

The managing company, talent, and fans are freely connected so to speak 'in parallel',
and this unique system supports associated businesses
including above mentioned official collaboration goods
and traditional Korean food restaurant Gosireh.
Following the first restaurant, featuring royal cuisine, in Shirogane Tokyo,
the second one, a Japanese-style pub will be opened in Nagoya in September.

Moreover, in order to have classic concerts for the music BYJ picked
and to sell CDs, and not only the official goods
but also to sell directly the goods asked by fans,
the on-line shopping mall was opened on August 12.

This is a bit different from above but ‘From this coming autumn,
we will carry on a cultural exchange program’ (CEO Bae)
It is the program that both Japan and Korea send students to each country.
The profit made on sales of goods
and the usage fee of information on affiliated web sites
have been saved for funding this program.

Their business goes far beyond DVD and photo album sales.
All-round merchandise and services are offered in parallel
taking in the requests from fans.
Their way of business,
which is quite different from that of conventional talent fan club,
might be a secret of keeping the support from deep-rooted fans.

p.s. cloudnine has shared the Weekly Diamond is a business magazine,
and their main target audience are the men.

[Photo] Keangnam Honorsville Job-Site Photo

[Photo]경남 아너스빌(Honorsville) 현장 사진
출처 - 디쟌시기님 사진(Naver blog] *검색으로 찾았습니다.
source: byjgallery by style

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BYJ Updates on 21.8.08

source: byjgallery by miemi / lcktour
briefly translated by xiaoyi

[용준님 소식]8/21

今日、美容室にいらっしゃった時間は15:25 です.
愛用のMilky-hat,サングラス,chainのあるblue jeansに
韓国家族が、 ”もう、大丈夫ですか~?” と訊ねたら、”大丈夫です”と、言いました。

Today, he arrived at the beauty salon at ard 15:25
He's wearing his favorite milky hat, sunglasses,
bluejeans with chains, a beige T-shirt, and a black jacket
And then, exactly an hour later, he came out at 16:20
After the operation, the support appliance is placed between the waist and arm all the time, I didn't see it today.
The Korea family asked, "is already all right; or ~?"
He said " Is ok already"
He waved his hand to around 15 families and got into the usual Maybach again.


Yong Joon went out of the hair salon some time ago at 16:53.
In style, a hat and sunglasses
black jacket, jeans and wore a dark beige shirt
Korea family called out to him.

[BOF Notice] Please tell BYJ about 'The Beauty of Korea'

Please tell BYJ about 'The Beauty of Korea' BOF 2008-08-21

Greetings BYJ family members,

First of all, we appreciate your sincere and deep interest in BYJ's letter.
Your warm support becomes energy for BYJ's recovery.

We made an e-mail address to receive your ideas and opinions about 'The Beauty of Korea'.
Anything about Korea will be welcomed: beauty, travel episode, food, and questions about Korea.

Please see below for details.


< How to tell BYJ about 'The Beauty of Korea' >

1. E-mail address:
2. E-mail details: 1) Name (ID of if applicable)
         2) Contact number and e-mail address
         3) Idea or opinion (please state clearly the specified place name or location)
3. Time limit: Aug. 22, 2008 ~ Sep. 11, 2008 (for three weeks)

* We will collect the ideas received through until Aug. 21(24:00),
so if you sent an e-mail to the webmaster e-mail address, you don't have to worry about it.
However, we recommend not using the webmaster e-mail regarding this matter from Aug. 22.
Your kind understanding will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

[Photo / Captures] 東森網絡購物 ET Mall

Calendar / Wallpaper / Banner
source: byjgallery by pola

[PHOTO] Daihatsu poster

source: byjgallery by azuna

Thursday, August 21, 2008

[VOD] Sony Handycam_making

source: byjgallery by azuna

[News] BYJ expanding Kimchi business

source: byjgallery by miemi

‘욘사마’ 배용준, 일본에서 김치 사업 박차

From by 권오경 / translated by Joanne on Quilt

‘욘사마’ 배용준, 일본에서 김치 사업 박차

JES|이인경 기자|2008.08.14 10:09 입력

Gaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

BYJ, launches Gosireh napa cabbage kimchi in Japan
[Yonhap News Agency]8/15/08 09:21

Following 'Gosireh Lunch Bos', expands Hallyu eateries

BYJ will launch kimchi, food representative of Korea, in Japan by joining hands with Korean Agricultural Cooperative.

BYJ, operating 'Gosireh(高矢禮)'. traditional Korean Cuisine restaurant that was open in Shirokane in Tokyo in 2006, participates as a producer for 'Gosireh Napa Cabbage Kimchi' whose sale will begin from 4th in next month.

Korean Agricultural Cooperative will be entirely in charge of this kimchi, made of 100% Korean ingredients, from cultivating ingredient to making kimchi, and they plan to supply super markets in entire nation and Isetan Department Store, a famous department store, etc at 600 yen for 300 grams.

The kimchi will be made public to general consumers for the first time at a sales event to be held at the head quarter of Isetan Department Store from 29 to 31.

BYJ has been making efforts to let taste of Korea (food taste) known, operating the 'Gosireh' in Japan. In past June, he launched 'Gosireh Lunch Box', by personally selecting its 16 side dishes, through convenience store Seven Eleven and received great reactions.

Regarding the 'Gosireh Kimchi' in this time, BYJ expressed confident feeling saying, "It was made with less sour taste and with deeper taste. I believe that Japanese people can enjoy it."

[Captures] Megane Ichiba 'I Wish' News

[meganeichiba-news]"Iwish" 에 의한 예방 접종 지원수가 2만명을 넘었습니다.
source: byjgallery by miemi / translated by Patty

BYJ participated, meganeichiba "I Wish" project has
reached over 20,000, vaccination volunteers.....

The Smile Project "I wish", is volunteered prevention
vaccination project. The cost of vaccination is
378 Yen each, and and it is good for the volunteered prevention project.

Approximately 20,868, of children can receive a
vaccination. It's the amount of donation has received
as of 17 Aug 2008, from the humanity volunteers.

[meganeichiba-"Iwish" 에 의한 예방 접종 지원수가 2만명을 넘었습니다]

약 20,868명의 아이에 백신투여가 가능한 지원을 받았습니다.
2008년 8월 17 일시점의 기부금에 의한 상정 지원자수입니다.

Smile Project
※"Iwish" 1개 당 378엔이 Plan Japan에 기부되어 예방 접종 지원 프로젝트에 유용하게 쓸 수 있습니다.

[VOD] 2007 Keang nam Honorsville CM Making - KOB

[VOD]배용준-慶南企業メイキングfrom KOB
source: makishi's Toy Box

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


source: fuyuka's blog

the special program "24HOUR TELEVISION,LOVE SAVE THE EARTH" from Japan:-
Posted by houren on KOB

BYJ Special and title is"an Oath"

[blog URL]

[VOD]배용준-2008.08.17 「독점! 배용준 새로운 맹세」#1

From by makishi

[VOD]배용준-2008.08.17 「독점! 배용준 새로운 맹세」#2

From by makishi

[VOD]배용준-2008.08.17 「독점! 배용준 새로운 맹세」#3

From by makishi

[Captures] 2009 BYJ BOFi Calendar

Available in types of "Wall Calendar" & "Desk Calendar"
Reservation starting Aug 20, 2008
  BYJ 2009 Calendarー《Wall Calendar》 2,625 yen
  BYJ 2009 Calendarー《Desk Calendar》 1,575 yen
  TWSSG Calendar ー《Wall Calendar》 2,625 yen

Re[[bofi]ペ・ヨンジュン2009年カレンダー、太王四神記カレンダー どこよりも早く先行予約受付開始!!
source: byjgallery by azuna

ペ・ヨンジュン2009年カレンダー《壁掛け用》《卓上用》、そして 太王四神記カレンダー《壁掛け用》の登場です!

また、《卓上用》は、ペ・ヨンジュンの新たな魅力が満載! いつでもあなたのそばに置いてご覧ください。


  ペ・ヨンジュン2009年カレンダー《壁掛け用》 2,625円(税込)
  ペ・ヨンジュン2009年カレンダー《卓上用》 1,575円(税込)
  太王四神記カレンダー《壁掛け用》 2,625円(税込)
ご予約期間:  本日8月20日(水) 昼12:00~
お届け予定日: 10月上旬を予定しております。
ご確認事項:  発売日及び お届け時期が変動する場合もございます。予めご了承ください。


[Notice] BYJ Message on 19.8.08

Hello everybody. I hope that you have been doing well.

Even though the weather was unpleasant today, I thought that the cool breeze was
refreshing. The cold rain and wind also seemed to suggest a change of seasons.
I realized that time had passed very quickly and a sense of urgency began to take over. You see, while resting I had made a mental note of all the things I wanted to do. And so I now write this letter to you.

First, I would like to apologize for causing you to worry about me. My surgery was a
success and there were no complications. After spending a few days in the hospital, I am now recovering from the operation. My recovery has been progressing very quickly and I am now able to sit in front of my computer and write this letter to you. I promise that I will never cause you to worry like this again, and I am very grateful for your support. I hope that you will always take care of your health.

Among the things that I would like to do, there is one idea that I would like to share with you now.

I once mentioned that I would like to create a book that introduces Korea to the reader. I admit that part of the reason behind my book idea is my love for taking pictures. However, for a while now I have also wanted to exhibit the beauty of Korea.

I understand that many of you in Asia began to show interest in Korea at the time you began to support me. Some of you even visited Korea. However, I have wished for some time that your travel destinations included more sites which are not related to drama filming locations.
I wished that there was some way to say the following to you and other tourists who were able to experience some of the greatness of Korea but who then had no choice but to leave the country due to a lack of relevant information:

“Even for Korean citizens who have lived in Korea their whole lives, exposure to Korea’s natural landscape, culture, and history is a moving experience. Please capture the beauty of Korea with your camera. This is where I was born and where I grew up. This is the beauty of Korea which was shown in the dramas and movies I appeared in.”

This made me think about picking up my camera and starting a journey myself. Then I got the idea of making a book which would share the beauty of Korea through my photographs of the country.

I started to think about places which I would recommend to tourists. But I could only think about famous places and the few sites that I have personally visited. And I know that there are many wonderful places which I have either not visited or do not know about. To make matters worse, I could not find any satisfactory and helpful sources of information. Then I realized that I could try asking you for help! I was wondering what you thought about making the book together with me.

What do you think? Please give me your thoughts.

Please tell me about the various places you have visited in Korea. Any information, whether in the form of a letter or photograph, would be greatly appreciated. Even an old traditional restaurant in the countryside or a sunset you witnessed while stretching outside of your car would be suitable for the book. I would even like to hear about the fun episodes that occurred while you were here in Korea. I would also like to hear from those of you who live in Korea and who have had the opportunity to experience the true value of our country during your journeys.

Perhaps you are curious about Korea and you haven’t actually visited the country. That is good for the book too. Please tell me which aspects of Korea you would like to know more about, which places you would like to visit, what types of food you would like to eat …

I will use all of my efforts to focus on the creation of this book after listening to all of your ideas. I hope that the book will cause people who are interested in Korea to want to stay in Korea for a long time.

My camera, notebook, and pen are now ready to start the project. As soon as I hear from you, I will pack my bags. For now, please send your emails to Later, I will try to set up another method of receiving your ideas.

It feels good to finally write down what I have been thinking about for the past few weeks.
I now will wait with great anticipation for your input. I will carefully study everything you send.

Please remain healthy and happy.


Bae Yong Joon

August 19, 2008

source: captured by wenny from